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How is Microscopy Used in Spatial Biology? A Microscopy Guide

Discover how spatial biology methods in microscopy can be used to elucidate complex biological mechanisms

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About the ebook

In this eBook, discover key spatial biology methods in microscopy, such as multiplex imaging, that are helping to put dissociated cellular information into spatial context. The use of microscopy for spatial biology has grown in popularity across a wide range of research areas as it enables researchers to look at the big picture and track proteins and other biomarkers at a single cell level to better understand the whole tissue landscape.

What to expect in the ebook

Key Learnings

  • Discover which microscopy techniques can provide different insights into spatial biology
  • Case studies on spatial biology insights for cancer research, neuroscience and immunology
  • Leica’s range of microscopy solutions for spatial biology

The Power of spatial biology

Location is key to understanding biological mechanisms, from the inner workings of subcellular components to how cells form and interact across normal and diseased tissues. In research areas including cancer biology and immunology, there is a growing trend towards spatial biology, which uses transcriptomics, imaging, and other approaches to put dissociated cellular information into spatial context.

As the spatial biology trend requires researchers to use imaging in their daily lab work, light and electron microscopy (EM) technologies are also evolving to support the need for even greater spatial context. Nowadays, researchers will typically use several different imaging approaches, including multiplex imaging, laser microdissection, and AI-based image analysis, to study a tissue from different angles.

Download the eBook and see how different microscopy techniques could enable your spatial biology research.

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