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Confocal Imaging of Immune Cells in Tissue Samples

On-demand Webinar - Multiplex Annotated Tissue Imaging System (MANTIS)


In this webinar, you will discover

Discover how to perform 10-color imaging of tissue samples using a confocal microscope, and see how this can allow assessment of the skin immune landscape. 

The skin is the outermost organ of the body and an essential barrier against environmental cues. In pathological contexts, the nature and activation status of the skin immune landscape often represent precious biological information that can help to establish an accurate diagnosis, apprehend interpatient heterogeneity and select the most appropriate treatment.

What to expect in the webinar

Imaging-based approaches to identify skin immune cells are still challenging because of:

  • the high autofluorescence from the tissue;
  • the potential spectral spillover when using more than four fluorochromes simultaneously; and
  • the entanglement of all cells within thick and polarized structural appendages.

There is a strong need to democratize new imaging systems using inexpensive instrumentation and consumables, compatible with standard tissue processing/analysis techniques and user-friendly enough to be used in routine clinical practice.

Multiplex ANnotated Tissue Imaging System

In this webinar, we introduce a simple method to acquire up to 10 colors using a conventional Leica SP8 microscope coupled to MANTIS (Multiplex ANnotated Tissue Imaging System). MANTIS is a flexible analytical system specifically designed for spatially resolved immune phenotyping of the skin in thick experimental samples or large clinical cohorts.

What you will learn

Key learnings

  • How to perform 10-color acquisition using a confocal microscope.
  • The challenges of imaged-based approaches to identify skin immune cells.
  • A new pipeline to assess skin immune landscape in both healthy and pathological samples.

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