Leica DMi8 M / C / A 산업용 도립 현미경

Invert The Game – And Stay Ahead

Six contrast methods in one system

View your sample in top resolution from any angle – and improve the accuracy of your inspection results within a fraction of time.

UC-3D Illumination offered only by Leica Microsystems

From Macro (35 mm) to Nano (1 nm) with One Click

The Leica DMi8 inverted microscopes have a micro/macro mode for rapid scanning of large samples. The macro magnification captures an object field of approx. 35 mm at once – that’s almost four times…

Leica DMi8 M Inverted Microscope

Leica DMi8 A Inverted Microscope

Leica DMi8 C Inverted Microscope

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