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교체된제품 Leica DM4 M & DM6 M

Publications 2018

Effects of surface modifications on the fatigue life of unconstrained Ni-Mn-Ga single crystals in a rotating magnetic field
Zhang H, Armstrong A, Müllner P
Acta Materialia
2018 vol: 155 pp: 175-186

Microstructure and impact toughness of reheated coarse grain heat affected zones of API X65 and API X80 linepipe steels
Arora K, Pandu S, Shajan N, Pathak P, Shome M
International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping
2018 vol: 163 pp: 36-44

A new oxidation based technique for artifact free TEM specimen preparation of nuclear graphite
Johns S, Shin W, Kane J, Windes W, Ubic R, et. al.
Journal of Nuclear Materials
2018 vol: 505 pp: 62-68

Nicotinamide Inhibition Properties for Copper Corrosion in 3.5% NaCl Solution: Experimental and Theorical Investigations
Hippolyte C, Serge B, Sagne A, Creus J, Albert T
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
2018 vol: 06 (03) pp: 100-121

Multistate Luminescent Solar Concentrator “Smart” Windows
Sol J, Timmermans G, van Breugel A, Schenning A, Debije M
Advanced Energy Materials
2018 vol: 8 (12) pp: 1702922

The Effect of pH on Slurry Erosion–Corrosion of Tungsten Carbide Overlays Alloyed with Ru
Nelwalani N, van der Merwe J
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology
2018 vol: 27 (3) pp: 483-499

Publications 2017

Recovery of zinc from galvanizing dross by a method of super-gravity separation
Wang Z, Gao J, Shi A, Meng L, Guo Z
Journal of Alloys and Compounds

Effect of Ethanethiolate Spacer on Morphology and Optical Responses of Ag Nanoparticle Array–Single Layer Graphene Hybrid Systems
Sutrová V, Šloufová I, Melníková Z, Kalbáč M, Pavlova E, et. al.
2017 pp: acs.langmuir.7b03462

Spatially-resolved isotopic study of carbon trapped in ∼3.43 Ga Strelley Pool Formation stromatolites
Flannery D, Allwood A, Summons R, Williford K, Abbey W, et. al.
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
2018 vol: 223 pp: 21-35

Numerical modeling of melt-pool behavior in selective laser melting with random powder distribution and experimental validation
Wu Y, San C, Chang C, et. al.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology
2018 vol: 254 pp: 72-78

Microstructures and Microhardness Properties of CMSX-4® Additively Fabricated Through Scanning Laser Epitaxy (SLE)
Basak A, Holenarasipura Raghu S, Das S
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance
2017 vol: 26 (12) pp: 5877-5884

Characterisation of Readily Bioavailable Compounds in Surat Basin Walloon Coals for Biomethane Production Using Exogenous Culture
Chen T, Hamilton S, Rodrigues S, Golding S, Rudolph V
SPE/IATMI Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition
Publisher: Society of Petroleum Engineers

Quantitative characterisation of conductive fibers by capacitive coupling
Ruland A, Jalili R, Mozer A, Wallace G
The Analyst

Single Crystal Casting with Fluidized Carbon Bed Cooling: A Process Innovation for Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction
Hofmeister M, Franke M, Koerner C, Singer R
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B
2017 vol: 48 (6) pp: 3132-3142

A motionless actuation system for magnetic shape memory devices
Armstrong A, Finn K, Hobza A, Lindquist P, Rafla N, et. al.
Smart Materials and Structures
2017 vol: 26 (10) pp: 105013

Motoneuron activity is required for enhancements in functional recovery after peripheral nerve injury in exercised female mice
Jaiswal P, Tung J, Gross R, English A
Journal of Neuroscience Research

Optimized tPA: A non-neurotoxic fibrinolytic agent for the drainage of intracerebral hemorrhages
Goulay R, Naveau M, Gaberel T, Vivien D, Parcq J
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism
2017 pp: 0271678X1771918

Molecular layer deposition of polyurethane—Polymerisation at the very contact to native aluminium and copper
Fug F, Petry A, Jost H, Ahmed A, Zamanzade M, et. al.
Applied Surface Science
2017 vol: 426 pp: 133-147

The effect of rank, lithotype and roughness on contact angle measurements in coal cleats
Mahoney S, Rufford T, Johnson D, Dmyterko A, Rodrigues S, et. al.
International Journal of Coal Geology
2017 vol: 179 pp: 302-315

Ensemble Modeling of In Situ Features for Printed Electronics Manufacturing With In Situ Process Control Potential
Li Y, Mohan K, Sun H, Jin R
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
2017 vol: 2 (4) pp: 1864-1870

Primary ridge augmentation with collagenated xenogenic block bone substitute in combination with collagen membrane and rhBMP-2: a pilot histological investigation
Benic G, Joo M, Yoon S, Cha J, Jung U
Clinical Oral Implants Research

Characterisation of bioavailability of Surat Basin Walloon coals for biogenic methane production using environmental microbial consortia
Chen T, Zheng H, Hamilton S, Rodrigues S, Golding S, et. al.
International Journal of Coal Geology
2017 vol: 179 pp: 92-112

Theoretical Analysis of Bubble Nucleation in Molten Steel Supersaturated with Nitrogen or Hydrogen
Li K, Liu J, Zhang J, Shen S
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B
2017 vol: 48 (4) pp: 2136-2146

Structure and mechanical/abrasive wear behavior of a purely natural composite: black-fiber palm wood
Friedrich K, Akpan E, Wetzel B
Journal of Materials Science
2017 vol: 52 (17) pp: 10217-10229

Vertical Charge Transport via Small Polaron Hopping within TIPS-Pentacene Lamellar Single Crystal
Wang J, Liu T, Dong J, Li M, He J, et. al.
2017 vol: 13 (25) pp: 1700456

Nanostructures to Engineer 3D Neural-Interfaces: Directing Axonal Navigation toward Successful Bridging of Spinal Segments
Aurand E, Usmani S, Medelin M, Scaini D, Bosi S, et. al.
Advanced Functional Materials
2017 pp: 1700550

Numerical Simulation of Meso-Micro Structure in Ni-Based Superalloy During Liquid Metal Cooling Process
Yan X, Li W, Yao L, Xue X, Wang Y, et. al.
Publisher: Springer, Cham
2017 pp: 249-259

Fuel remains in archaeological contexts: Experimental and archaeological evidence for recognizing remains in hearths used by Iron Age farmers who lived in peatlands
Braadbaart F, van Brussel T, van Os B, Eijskoot Y
The Holocene
2017 pp: 095968361770223

A failure analysis 115RE rail type, due to a compression load state in areas where it was placed exothermic welding copper cable for attaching electrical continuity
Delgado F, Acosta R, Nieto F, Alcántara S, Sauce V
Engineering Failure Analysis
2017 vol: 79 pp: 130-139

Resistance spot welding of galvannealed high strength interstitial free steel
Rao S, Chhibber R, Arora K, Shome M
Journal of Materials Processing Technology
2017 vol: 246 pp: 252-261

In situ synthesized high volume fraction WC reinforced Ni-based coating by laser cladding
Shu D, Li Z, Zhang K, Yao C, Li D, et. al.
Materials Letters
2017 vol: 195 pp: 178-181

Microstructure of nickel-base superalloy MAR-M247 additively manufactured through scanning laser epitaxy (SLE)
Basak A, Das S
Journal of Alloys and Compounds
2017 vol: 705 pp: 806-816

Polarization-Controlled Broad Color Palette Based on an Ultrathin One-Dimensional Resonant Grating Structure
Koirala I, Shrestha V, Park C, Lee S, Choi D
Scientific Reports
2017 vol: 7 pp: 40073

Comparative interaction of cold-worked versus annealed inconel 601 with molten carbonate salt at 450°C
Sarvghad M, Chenu T, Will G
Corrosion Science
2017 vol: 116 pp: 88-97

Additive Manufacturing of Nickel-Base Superalloy René N5 through Scanning Laser Epitaxy (SLE) − Material Processing, Microstructures, and Microhardness Properties
Basak A, Das S
Advanced Engineering Materials
2017 pp: 1600690

Co-Curing of CFRP-Steel Hybrid Joints Using the Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion Process
Streitferdt A, Rudolph N, Taha I
Applied Composite Materials
2017 pp: 1-13

Study of Traverse Speed Effects on Residual Stress State and Cavitation Erosion Behavior of Arc-Sprayed Aluminum Bronze Coatings
Hauer M, Henkel K, Krebs S, Kroemmer W
Journal of Thermal Spray Technology
2017 vol: 26 (1-2) pp: 217-228

Laser spot welding of laser textured steel to aluminium
Pardal G, Meco S, Dunn A, Williams S, Ganguly S, et. al.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology
2017 vol: 241 pp: 24-35

Mineral Dust Properties at the Mt Lyell Cu-Au Mine Site, Australia
Noble T, Berry R, Lottermoser B
Environmental Indicators in Metal Mining
2017 pp: 307-325

Prediction of Leachate Quality for a Gossan Dump, Angostura, Spain
Parbhakar-Fox A, Hunt J, Lottermoser B, van Veen E, Fox N
Environmental Indicators in Metal Mining
2017 pp: 221-241

Stress assisted oxidative failure of Inconel 601 for thermal energy storage
Sarvghad M, Bell S, Raud R, Steinberg T, Will G
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
2017 vol: 159 pp: 510-517

Publications 2016

Quality Modeling of Printed Electronics in Aerosol Jet Printing based on Microscopic Images
Sun H, Wang K, Li Y, Zhang C, Jin R
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering

Facile Fabrication of Flexible Microsupercapacitor with High Energy Density
Liu Y, Weng B, Xu Q, Hou Y, Zhao C, et. al.
Advanced Materials Technologies
2016 vol: 1 (9) pp: 1600166

Reactive Extrusion Strategies to Fabricate Magnetite-Polyethylene Nanocomposites with Enhanced Mechanical and Magnetic Hyperthermia Properties
Situ S, Cao J, Chen C, Abenojar E, Maia J, et. al.
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering
2016 vol: 301 (12) pp: 1525-1536

Lacustrine facies dependence of highly 13C-depleted organic matter during the global age of methanotrophy
Flannery D, Allwood A, Van Kranendonk M
Precambrian Research
2016 vol: 285 pp: 216-241

Atomic-scale compositional mapping reveals Mg-rich amorphous calcium phosphate in human dental enamel
La Fontaine A, Zavgorodniy A, Liu H, Zheng R, Swain M, et. al.
Science Advances
2016 vol: 2 (9)

Fabrication of a Contamination-Free Interface between Graphene and TiO2 Single Crystals
Liu H, Zhu D, Shi H, Shao X
ACS Omega
2016 vol: 1 (2) pp: 168-176

Indium-Free Fully Transparent Electronics Deposited Entirely by Atomic Layer Deposition
Nayak P, Wang Z, Alshareef H
Advanced Materials
2016 vol: 28 (35) pp: 7736-7744

Effect of Addition of Mill Scale on Sintering of Iron Ores
Wang Z, Pinson D, Chew S, Monaghan B, Pownceby M, et. al.
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B
2016 vol: 47 (5) pp: 2848-2860

Comparative analysis of prokaryotic diversity in solar salterns in eastern Anatolia (Turkey)
Çinar S, Mutlu M
2016 pp: 1-13

Pore Scale Dynamics of Microemulsion Formation
Unsal E, Broens M, Armstrong R
2016 pp: acs.langmuir.6b00821

Additive Manufacturing of Single-Crystal Superalloy CMSX-4 Through Scanning Laser Epitaxy: Computational Modeling, Experimental Process Development, and Process Parameter Optimization
Basak A, Acharya R, Das S
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
2016 pp: 1-15

Interaction of New Zealand Ironsand and Flux Materials
Wang Z, Pinson D, Chew S, Rogers H, Monaghan B, et. al.
ISIJ International

Effects of electric current pulses on mechanical properties and microstructures of as-quenched medium carbon steel
Pan L, He W, Gu B
Materials Science and Engineering: A
2016 vol: 662 pp: 404-411

Laser textured surface gradients
Ta V, Dunn A, Wasley T, Li J, Kay R, et. al.
Applied Surface Science
2016 vol: 371 pp: 583-589

Mineral Phase Formation and Zinc Removal during Sintering of Filter Cake Wastes
Wang Z, Pinson D, Chew S, Monaghan B, Rogers H, et. al.
ISIJ International
2016 vol: 56 (4) pp: 505-512

Effect of transverse static magnetic field on microstructure and properties of GCr15 bearing steel in electroslag continuous casting process
Zhong Y, Qiang L, Fang Y, Wang H, Peng M, et. al.
Materials Science and Engineering: A
2016 vol: 660 pp: 118-126

Gold Nanosphere Gated Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle Responsive to Near-Infrared Light and Redox Potential as a Theranostic Platform for Cancer Therapy
Cheng B, He H, Huang T, Berr S, He J, et. al.
Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology
2016 vol: 12 (3) pp: 435-449

Effect of a High Static Magnetic Field on the Origin of Stray Grains during Directional Solidification
Zhong H, Li C, Wang J, Ren Z, Zhong Y, et. al.

Welding of transparent polymers using femtosecond laser
Roth G, Rung S, Hellmann R
Applied Physics A
2016 vol: 122 (2) pp: 86

Toward Biodegradable Mg-Air Bioelectric Batteries Composed of Silk Fibroin-Polypyrrole Film
Jia X, Wang C, Zhao C, Ge Y, Wallace G, et. al.
Advanced Functional Materials
2016 vol: 26 (9) pp: 1454-1462

Characterization of the influence of Ni content on the corrosion resistance of electrodeposited Zn–Ni alloy coatings
Kwon M, Jo D, Cho S, Kim H, Park J, et. al.
Surface and Coatings Technology
2016 vol: 288 pp: 163-170

Laser textured superhydrophobic surfaces and their applications for homogeneous spot deposition
Ta V, Dunn A, Wasley T, Li J, Kay R, et. al.
Applied Surface Science
2016 vol: 365 pp: 153-159

Osteoinduction and long-term osseointegration promoted by combined effects of nitrogen and manganese elements in high nitrogen nickel-free stainless steel
Yu Y, Ding T, Xue Y, Sun J, Ortiz A, et. al.
J. Mater. Chem. B
2016 vol: 4 (4) pp: 801-812

Picosecond laser cutting and drilling of thin flex glass
Wlodarczyk, Krystian L.;  Brunton, Adam;  Rumsby, Phil;  Hand, Duncan P. (2016)
Optics and Lasers in Engineering vol. 78 p. 64-74

Publications 2015

A Photolithographic Approach to Polymeric Microneedles Array Fabrication
Dardano, Principia;  Caliò, Alessandro;  Palma, Vincenza Di;  Bevilacqua, Maria;  Matteo, Andrea Di et al. (2015)
Materials vol. 8 (12) p. 8661-8673

Sedimentary processes determining the modern carbonate periplatform drift of Little Bahama Bank
Chabaud, Ludivine;  Ducassou, Emmanuelle;  Tournadour, Elsa;  Mulder, Thierry;  Reijmer, John J.G. et al. (2015)
Marine Geology

Processability of different IN738LC powder batches by selective laser melting
Engeli, Roman;  Etter, Thomas;  Hövel, Simone;  Wegener, Konrad (2016)
Journal of Materials Processing Technology vol. 229 p. 484-491

Laser surface texturing for high friction contacts
Dunn, A.;  Wlodarczyk, K.L.;  Carstensen, J.V.;  Hansen, E.B.;  Gabzdyl, J. et al. (2015)
Applied Surface Science vol. 357 p. 2313-2319

Optimization of the laser remelting process for HVOF-sprayed Stellite 6 wear resistant coatings
Ciubotariu, Costel-Relu;  Frunzăverde, Doina;  Mărginean, Gabriela;  Șerban, Viorel-Aurel;  Bîrdeanu, Aurel-Valentin (2016)
Optics & Laser Technology vol. 77 p. 98-103

Nanosecond laser textured superhydrophobic metallic surfaces and their chemical sensing applications
Ta, Duong V.;  Dunn, Andrew;  Wasley, Thomas J.;  Kay, Robert W.;  Stringer, Jonathan et al. (2015)
Applied Surface Science vol. 357 p. 248-254

High entropy brasses and bronzes – Microstructure, phase evolution and properties
Laws, Kevin J.;  Crosby, Cody;  Sridhar, Aarthi;  Conway, Patrick;  Koloadin, Leah S. et al. (2015)
Journal of Alloys and Compounds vol. 650 p. 949-961

Using cuttlefish ink as an additive to produce -non-iridescent structural colors of high color visibility
Zhang, Yafeng;  Dong, Biqin;  Chen, Ang;  Liu, Xiaohan;  Shi, Lei et al. (2015)
Advanced materials vol. 27 (32) p. 4719-24

Evolution of the microstructure, mechanical properties, and high-order modal characteristics of AISI 1045 steel subjected to a simulative environment of surface grinding burn
Gu, Bang-ping;  Yang, Zhen-sheng;  Pan, Long;  Wei, Wei (2015)
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Additive Manufacturing and Characterization of René 80 Superalloy Processed Through Scanning Laser Epitaxy for Turbine Engine Hot-Section Component Repair
Acharya, Ranadip;  Bansal, Rohan;  Gambone, Justin J.;  Kaplan, Max A.;  Fuchs, Gerhard E. et al. (2015)
Advanced Engineering Materials vol. 17 (7) p. 942-950

Additive Manufacturing of IN100 Superalloy Through Scanning Laser Epitaxy for Turbine Engine Hot-Section Component Repair: Process Development, Modeling, Microstructural Characterization, and Process Control
Acharya, Ranadip;  Das, Suman (2015)
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A vol. 46 (9) p. 3864-3875

Synthesis of Large and Few Atomic Layers of Hexagonal Boron Nitride on Melted Copper
Khan, Majharul Haque;  Huang, Zhenguo;  Xiao, Feng;  Casillas, Gilberto;  Chen, Zhixin et al. (2015)
Scientific Reports vol. 5 p. 7743

Publications 2014

Powder Metallurgically Produced Carbide Free Bainite
Vuorinen E, Vang J, Carradot M, Johansson P, Navara E
Materials Science Forum
2014 vol: 782 pp: 480-486

Experimental Investigations on Formability of Aluminum Tailor Friction Stir Welded Blanks in Deep Drawing Process
R. K. Kesharwani, S. K. Panda, S. K. Pal (2014)
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

Macroporous 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate hydrogels of dual porosity for cell cultivation: morphology, swelling, permeability, and mechanical behavior
Martin Přádný, Miroslava Dušková-Smrčková, Karel Dušek, Olga Janoušková, Zhansaya Sadakbayeva, Miroslav Šlouf, Jiří Michálek (2014)
Journal of Polymer Research 21 (11) p. 579

Cold gas dynamic spraying of WC–Ni cemented carbide coatings
D. Lioma, N. Sacks, I. Botef (2014)
International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials

Short note: On petrographically differentiating the anatomical characteristics of saprotrophied and carbonised inertinite group macerals
Nikola Van de Wetering, Joan Esterle (2014)
International Journal of Coal Geology 131 p. 106-108

Publications 2011

Response of CR39 track etch detector to 10 A GeV Fe26+ ion beam and total charge changing cross section measurement
A. Kumar, R. Gupta, S. Jalota, G. Giacomelli, L. Patrizii, V. Togo (2011)
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms

The effect of polyesterurethane belt surface roughness on Listeria monocytogenes biofilm formation and its cleaning efficiency
Yuphakhun Chaturongkasumrit, Hajime Takahashi, Suwimon Keeratipibul, Takashi Kuda, Bon Kimura (2011)
Food Control 22 (12) p. 1893-1899

Optical response of a disordered bicontinuous macroporous structure in the longhorn beetle Sphingnotus mirabilis
B. Dong, T. Zhan, X. Liu, L. Jiang, F. Liu, X. Hu, J. Zi (2011)
Physical Review E 84 (1)

Publications 2010

Structural colouration and optical effects in the wings of Papilio peranthus
Feng Liu, Guobing Wang, Liping Jiang, Biqin Dong (2010)
Journal of Optics 12 (6) p. 065301

Fully reversible transition from Wenzel to Cassie-Baxter states on corrugated superhydrophobic surfaces.
Robert J Vrancken, Halim Kusumaatmaja, Ko Hermans, An M Prenen, Olivier Pierre-Louis, Cees W M Bastiaansen, Dirk J Broer (2010)
Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids 26 (5) p. 3335-41

Publications 2008

Plastic flow and work hardening of Al alloy matrices during ultrasonic consolidation fibre embedding process
D LI, R SOAR (2008)
Materials Science and Engineering: A 498 (1-2) p. 421-429

Preparation of high quality Al TEM specimens via a double-jet electropolishing technique
Necip Ünlü (2008)
Materials Characterization 59 (5) p. 547-553

Publications 2007

Dansgaard–Oeschger climatic variability revealed by fire emissions in southwestern Iberia
A.-L. Daniau, M.F. Sánchez-Goñi, L. Beaufort, F. Laggoun-Défarge, M.-F. Loutre, J. Duprat (2007)
Quaternary Science Reviews 26 (9-10) p. 1369-1383

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