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Publications 2019

Binary Si‐Ge Alloys as High Capacity Anodes for Li Ion Batteries
Bensalah N, Matalkeh M, Mustafa N, Merabet H
physica status solidi (a)
2019 pp: pssa.201900414

One-step formation of infrared reflection microsheets via local photo-induced in situ polymerization
Zhang J, Guo Z, Feng Y, Wang Y, Li H, et. al.
RSC Advances
2019 vol: 9 (52) pp: 30503-30508

High‐Precision, High‐Accuracy Oxygen Isotope Measurements of Zircon Reference Materials with the SHRIMP‐SI
Ávila J, Ireland T, Holden P, Lanc P, Latimore A, et. al.
Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research
2019 pp: ggr.12298

Preparation of an Interpenetrating Network of a Poly(ampholyte) and a Cholesteric Polymer and Investigation of Its Hydrochromic Properties
Deng Z, Zhou G, de Haan L
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
2019 vol: 11 (39) pp: 36044-36051

Vertical flow paper-based plasmonic device for cysteine detection
Mehta S, Mehta S, Muthurajan H, D’Souza J
Biomedical Microdevices
2019 vol: 21 (3) pp: 55

Improving the Performance of Attached-Growth Wastewater Treatment Processes by Altering the Support Media Surface
Almomani F, Örmeci B, Kiely P
Journal of Environmental Engineering
2019 vol: 145 (8) pp: 04019045

Effect of Temperature on the Corrosion Behavior of Biodegradable AZ31B Magnesium Alloy in Ringer’s Physiological Solution
Feliu S, Veleva L, García-Galvan F
2019 vol: 9 (5) pp: 591

Dental microwear textures and dietary preferences of extant rhinoceroses (Perissodactyla, Mammalia)
Hullot M, Antoine P, Ballatore M, Merceron G
Mammal Research
2019 vol: 64 (3) pp: 397-409

Investigation of the Relationship Between Microstructural Features and Strain Localization in Polycrystalline 316 L
Bodelot L
Experimental Mechanics
2019 vol: 59 (5) pp: 691-702

Back to the edge: relative coordinate system for use-wear analysis
Calandra I, Schunk L, Rodriguez A, Gneisinger W, Pedergnana A, et. al.
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences
2019 pp: 1-12

Laser Treatments for Improving Electrical Conductivity and Piezoresistive Behavior of Polymer–Carbon Nanofiller Composites
Caradonna A, Badini C, Padovano E, Veca A, De Meo E, et. al.
2019 vol: 10 (1) pp: 63

Effect of humidity on the electrical properties of the silver-polyaniline/polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposites
Bhadra J, Popelka A, Abdulkareem A, Lehocky M, Humpolicek P, et. al.
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical
2019 vol: 288 pp: 47-54

Modification of Polyethylene by RF Plasma in Different/Mixture Gases
E. Abusrafa A, Habib S, Krupa I, Ouederni M, Popelka A
2019 vol: 9 (2) pp: 145

Corrosion protective action of different coatings for the helium cooled pebble bed breeder concept
Hernández T, Sánchez F, Di Fonzo F, Vanazzi M, Panizo M, et. al.
Journal of Nuclear Materials
2019 vol: 516 pp: 160-168

Comparative study of mechanical characteristics of recycled PET fibres for automobile seat cover application
Albini G, Brunella V, Placenza B, Martorana B, Guido Lambertini V
Journal of Industrial Textiles
2019 vol: 48 (6) pp: 992-1008

Scratch resistant non-fouling surfaces via grafting non-fouling polymers on the pore walls of supported porous oxide structures
Wassel E, Es-Souni M, Laghrissi A, Roth A, Dietze M, et. al.
Materials & Design
2019 vol: 163 pp: 107542

Phototunable Morpho Butterfly Microstructures Modified by Liquid Crystal Polymers
Qing X, Liu Y, Wei J, Zheng R, Zhu C, et. al.
Advanced Optical Materials
2019 vol: 7 (3) pp: 1801494

1064nm nanosecond laser induced ring structure on SiO2 films with different thickness in air and vacuum environments
Liu S, Ling X, Liu X
2019 vol: 180 pp: 56-60

Optimizing swirl in compact uniflow cyclones
Pillei M, Kofler T, Wierschem A, Kraxner M
AIChE Journal
2019 vol: 65 (2) pp: 766-776

Electrospun Copolyamide Mats Modified by Functionalized Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
Sobolciak P, Tanvir A, Popelka A, Spitalsky Z, Mrlik M, et. al.
Polymer Composites
2019 vol: 40 (S2) pp: E1451-E1460

Highly transparent humidity sensor with thin cellulose acetate butyrate and hydrophobic AF1600X vapor permeating layers fabricated by screen printing
Zhou R, Li J, Jiang H, Li H, Wang Y, et. al.
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical
2019 vol: 281 pp: 212-220

Laser induced periodic surface structures on nano metal oxide filled polyvinylidene fluoride nanocomposites
Ponnamma D, Sivakumar V, Popelka A, Hussein Y, Al Ali Al-Maadeed M
2019 vol: 176 pp: 372-383

Publications 2018

Evaluation of Antifingerprint Properties of Plastic Surfaces Used in Automotive Components
Luda M, Li Pira N, Trevisan D, Pau V
International Journal of Polymer Science
2018 vol: 2018 pp: 1-11

Analytical Techniques for Probing Small-Scale Layers that Preserve Information on Gas–Solid Interactions
Dalby K, Berger J, Brand H, Cairney J, Eder K, et. al.
Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry
2018 vol: 84 (1) pp: 103-175

Influences on Shotcrete Rebound from Walls with Random Roughness
Liu Z, Bian W, Pan G, Li P, Li W
Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
2018 vol: 2018 pp: 1-12

Dietary niches of terrestrial cercopithecines from the Plio-Pleistocene Shungura Formation, Ethiopia: evidence from Dental Microwear Texture Analysis
Martin F, Plastiras C, Merceron G, Souron A, Boisserie J
Scientific Reports
2018 vol: 8 (1) pp: 14052

Structural and mechanical properties of CeO2 reinforced Al matrix nanocomposites
Mohammed H, Reddy M, Ubaid F, Shakoor A, Mohamed A
Advanced Materials Letters
2018 vol: 9 (8) pp: 602-605

Laser Sintering of Liquid Metal Nanoparticles for Scalable Manufacturing of Soft and Flexible Electronics
Liu S, Yuen M, White E, Boley J, Deng B, et. al.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
2018 pp: acsami.8b08722

Structural and mechanical properties of CeO2 reinforced Al matrix nanocomposites
Mohammed H, Reddy M, Ubaid F, Shakoor A, Mohamed A
Advanced Materials Letters
2018 vol: 9 (8) pp: 602-605

Properties enhancement of Ni-P electrodeposited coatings by the incorporation of nanoscale Y2O3 particles
Bahgat Radwan A, Ali K, Shakoor R, Mohammed H, Alsalama T, et. al.
Applied Surface Science
2018 vol: 457 pp: 956-967

Foraging habitats and niche partitioning of European large herbivores during the Holocene – Insights from 3D dental microwear texture analysis
Hofman-Kamińska E, Merceron G, Bocherens H, Makowiecki D, Piličiauskienė G, et. al.
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology
2018 vol: 506 pp: 183-195

Mimicking a Dog’s Nose: Scrolling Graphene Nanosheets
Chen Z, Wang J, Pan D, Wang Y, Noetzel R, et. al.
ACS Nano
2018 vol: 12 (3) pp: 2521-2530

Surface engineering of the PLA films for fabricating dexterous humidity sensors
Ubaid F, Ahmad Z, Shakoor R, Mohamed A
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
2018 vol: 29 (10) pp: 8135-8141

Using springbok (Antidorcas) dietary proxies to reconstruct inferred palaeovegetational changes over 2 million years in Southern Africa
Sewell L, Merceron G, Hopley P, Zipfel B, Reynolds S
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports

Multisensorisches Messsystem zur Untersuchung der Übertragungseigenschaften von Topographiesensoren
Hagemeier S, Lehmann P
tm - Technisches Messen
2018 vol: 85 (6) pp: 380-394

Endolithic microbial habitats as refuges for life in polyextreme environment of the Atacama Desert
Wierzchos J, Casero M, Artieda O, Ascaso C
Current Opinion in Microbiology
2018 vol: 43 pp: 124-131

Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells on low cost mild steel substrates
Zortea L, Nishiwaki S, Weiss T, Haass S, Perrenoud J, et. al.
Solar Energy

Surface modification of polyethylene/graphene composite using corona discharge
Popelka A, Khanam P, AlMaadeed M
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics
2018 vol: 51 (10) pp: 105302

Fabrication of Zr-based bulk metallic glass/aluminum alloy multi-materials by stacking extrusion
Jiang R, Li H, Li Z, He L
2018 vol: 149 pp: 79-82

Publications 2017

Dental microwear and controlled food testing on sheep: The TRIDENT project
Merceron G, Blondel C, Brunetiere N, Francisco A, Gautier D, et. al.
Biosurface and Biotribology
2017 vol: 3 (4) pp: 174-183

Deer in an arid habitat: dental microwear textures track feeding adaptability
Berlioz E, Azorit C, Blondel C, Ruiz M, Merceron G
Hystrix, the Italian Journal of Mammalogy
2017 vol: 28 (2) pp: 222-230

Fabrication and characterization of photoelectrochemically-active Sb-doped Snx-W(100-x)%-oxide anodes: Towards the removal of organic pollutants from wastewater
Ghasemian S, Omanovic S
Applied Surface Science
2017 vol: 416 pp: 318-328 

Thin film nanocarbon composites for supercapacitor applications
Schopf D, Es-Souni M
2017 vol: 115 pp: 449-459

Publications 2016

Halloysite Nanotube as Multifunctional Component in Epoxy Protective Coating
Vijayan P, P Hany El-Gawady Y, Al-Maadeed M
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
2016 vol: 55 (42) pp: 11186-11192

Untangling the environmental from the dietary: dust does not matter
Merceron G, Ramdarshan A, Blondel C, Boisserie J, Brunetiere N, et. al.
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences
2016 vol: 283 (1838)

Towards the ranking of airborne particle emissions from car brakes - a system approach
Perricone G, Alemani M, Metino I, Matejka V, et.al.
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering

Multi-layered nanofibrous mucoadhesive films for buccal and sublingual administration of drug-delivery and vaccination nanoparticles - important step towards effective mucosal vaccines
Mašek J, Lubasová D, Lukáč R, Turánek-Knotigová P, et. al.
Journal of Controlled Release

Seeds, browse, and tooth wear: a sheep perspective
Ramdarshan A, Blondel C, Brunetière N, Francisco A, Gautier D, Surault J, Merceron G
Ecology and Evolution

Application of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy in Stroke-Affected Brain Tissue
Ali M, Al-Saad K, Popelka A, Tilborg G, Goormaghtigh E
Swift Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
2016 vol: 2 (2) pp: 11-24

A transparent, solvent-free laminated top electrode for perovskite solar cells
Makha M, Fernandes S, Jenatsch S, Offermans T, et. al.
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
2016 vol: 17 (1) pp: 260-266

A novel approach to obtain conductive tracks on PP/MWCNT nanocomposites by laser printing
Colucci G, Beltrame C, Giorcelli M, Veca A, Badini C, et. al.
RSC Adv.
2016 vol: 6 (34) pp: 28522-28531

Cyanine tandem and triple-junction solar cells
Zhang H Niesen B Hack E Jenatsch S Wang L, et. al.
Organic Electronics
2016 vol: 30 pp: 191-199

Silicon-based plant defences, tooth wear and voles
Calandra I, Zub K, Szafrańska P, Zalewski A, Merceron G
The Journal of experimental biology
2016 vol: 219 (Pt 4) pp: 501-7

Publications 2015

Review of the mathematical foundations of data fusion techniques in surface metrology
Wang J, Leach R, Jiang X
Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties
2015 vol: 3 (2) pp: 023001

Effect of oxidation on room temperature strength of ZrB2- and HfB2- based ultra-high temperature ceramics
Zapata-Solvas E, Jayaseelan D, Brown P, Lee W
Advances in Applied Ceramics

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