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Explore Leica Microsystems’ World of Microscopes and Scientific Instruments

Leica Microsystems is a world leader in providing innovative microscopy, camera and software solutions for imaging and analysis of macro-, micro- and nanostructures.

Latest News

Photonic Spectra: Trends in Modularity

Read Gary Boas‘ article about moduarity, flexibiliy and upgradability in microscopy featuring the Leica DMi8 and Leica TCS SP8.

Training of Vascular Surgeons on Leica Surgical Microscopes

January 25 to 29, 2015

Leica Microsystems’ Swedish Distribution Partner Micromedic Exhibits at and Provides Surgical Microscopes for EANS Training Course Vascular in Uppsala, Sweden

Leica Microsystems Presents Surgical Microscopes at Arab Health 2015 in Dubai

January 26 to 29, 2015

Stay Focused With the Leica M530 OH6 With True Vision 3D Technology for Neurosurgery and the Leica M844 F40 for Ophthalmic Surgery

New Leica TCS SP8 at Bates College: „Second of its kind in Maine, new microscope is a game-changer“

According to Bates College, the confocal offers new imaging capabilities and supports research in biology, neuroscience, nanotechnology and photophysics.