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Microscopes and Imaging Solutions

With the user, for the user

We develop high-tech precision microscopes for the analysis of microstructures with the user, for the user. In our product portfolio you will find microscopes for life science including biotechnology and medicine as well as for research and development of raw materials and industrial quality assurance.

Modular microscopes for your needs

Leica Microsystems is one of the market leaders in the business areas Microscopy, Confocal Laser Microscopy with corresponding Imaging Systems, Sample Preparation and Medical Equipment. A key advantage for you: you can configure our modular microscope systems to suit your specific requirements.

Our light microscopes know what counts: superlative image quality, ergonomic handling, fast results.

Our confocal microscopes for top-class biomedical research provide even greater imaging precision for subcellular structures and dynamic processes.

We offer customized stereo microscopes for research, industry and education. Our macroscopes for industry, medicine and research offer exceptional optics and ultra convenient operation.

Our surgical microscopes guarantee precise images and optimum freedom of movement.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) provides ophthalmologists, retinal and corneal surgeons, and preclinical researchers with easy-to-use, high-quality volumetric imaging similar to ultrasound. 

Digital Microscopes - New Level of Portability and Speed for Industrial Quality Control.

Excellent sample preparation is the prerequisite for first-class electron microscopy.

Our digital microscope cameras are ideal for analysis and optimal presentation of your images.

Our microscope software is user-friendly and delivers excellent image results and analysis.

Leica Microsystems is a pioneer in super-resolution microscopy working closely in collaboration with top scientists in this field. Leica Microsystems is the only supplier of both, widefield and confocal super-resolution technology incorporating methods such as GSDIM and STED.

For more than 160 years Leica Microsystems has designed and produced top-class objectives for a wide variety of applications in research, industry and medicine.

With a tradition of outstanding optics, Leitz has the knowledge and skill to design and manufacture custom optics for a wide array of applications from advanced science research to consumer industries.

We are aware that budget plays a role in all fields of research, industry, and medicine. Used equipment is always an option to go for - now you can buy tried and tested Leica microscopes and accessories such as cameras or illumination directly from us as a manufacturer.