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Confocal Microscopes

Confocal microscopes from Leica Microsystems are partners in top level biomedical research and surface analysis in material science applications, offering unprecedented precision in three-dimensional imaging and exact examination of subcellular structures and dynamic processes.

Modular concept of our confocal microscopes

High-speed imaging supplies the data for a wide range of integrated analytical techniques. Our confocal microscopes are based on a modular concept that enables flexible upgrading and integration of innovative technology all the way to the nano range with STED 3X.


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Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on the right Confocal Microscopy system for your needs.

Confocal Microscopes

Confocal Microscope Applications

From routine to high-end cell research, from super-sensitivity to super-resolution, from Multiphoton Imaging to CARS - whatever your research, Leica Microsystems has the confocal for it.




3D imaging, Colocalization Studies Confocal Imaging Leica TCS SP8
3D imaging, Colocalization Studies, Deep Tissue, Live Cell Imaging Multiphoton Leica TCS SP8 MP, SP8 DIVE
3D imaging, Colocalization Studies, Time -lapse STED Super-Resolution Leica TCS SP8 STED
3D Imaging, Time-lapse, Quantitative Imaging High Content Screening Leica HCS A
Colocalization Studies FRET Leica TCS SP8
Deep Tissue Electrophysiology Leica TCS SP8 MP
Deep Tissue, Live Cell imaging CARS Leica TCS SP8 CARS
Quantitative Imaging Photon Counting Leica TCS SP8 HyD
Time Lapse FRAP Leica TCS SP8
Time Lapse Low Light Imaging Leica TCS SP8 HyD
Time Lapse, 3D imaging Supercontinuum Imaging Leica TCS SP8 X
Time-lapse, Quantitative Imaging FCS Leica TCS SP8 SMD FCS
Time-lapse, Quantitative Imaging FLCS Leica TCS SP8 SMD FLCS
Time-lapse, Quantitative Imaging FLIM Leica TCS SP8 SMD FLIM

Confocal Microscopes News

Leica solution supports more realistic cancer research models


3D Cell Biology Workflow for tumor spheroid imaging with the SP8 DLS Digital LightSheet Microscope

Join us for a Free Webinar: Novel Applications of Multiphoton Microscopy


From visualizing the activation and migration of plasma cells to imaging the interactions between lymphocytes and other cells during an immune response, our speakers will highlight the many ways in which multiphoton microscopy can be used to unravel...

Observing surface wetting under water


Leica Microscopes help scientists investigate “self-cleaning” surfaces

Join the LIVE Webinar today! Enhance Your Imaging with Super-Resolution


Improve Spatial Resolution and Increase Signal to Noise Ratio in Difficult Samples

Pinhole Effect in Confocal Microscopes


When operating a confocal microscope, or when discussing features and parameters of such a device, we inescapably mention the pinhole and its diameter. This short introductory document is meant to explain the significance of the pinhole for those,...

EMBL Advanced Course – Intensive Super-Resolution Microscopy Course


July 10 – 15, 2017 in Heidelberg, Germany