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Confocal Microscopes

Confocal microscopes from Leica Microsystems are partners in top level biomedical research and surface analysis in material science applications, offering unprecedented precision in three-dimensional imaging and exact examination of subcellular structures and dynamic processes.

High-speed imaging supplies the data for a wide range of integrated analytical techniques. Our confocal microscopes are based on a modular concept that enables flexible upgrading and integration of innovative technology all the way to the nano range with STED 3X.


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Confocal Microscopes News

Video Interview with Jutta Bulkescher

Published: 23 October 2015

In this video she talks about her experiences with the Leica HCS A matrix screener

The Colors of Life. Simultaneously.

Published: 22 October 2015

HyVolution – True Confocal Super-resolution

STED Nanoscopy with Fluorescent Quantum Dots

Published: 13 August 2015

Published in Nature Communications: STED nanoscopy of several red-emitting commercially available...

Whitepaper: Sensors and Measuring Techniques in Confocal Microscopy

Published: 04 August 2015

New issue of Technological Readings: Sensors and Measuring Techniques in Confocal Microscopy, July...

Recommendation not to upgrade to Windows 10

Published: 28 July 2015

If you use Leica Application Suite (LAS), LAS X, LAS AF, or LMD software and wish to upgrade to...

Confocal Microscopes