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Light Microscopes

Light microscopes from Leica Microsystems meet the highest demands whatever the application – from routine laboratory work to the research of multi-dimensional dynamic processes in living cells.

Perfect application

Leica Microsystems products are developed with the user in mind. That means our light microscopes know what matters most: superlative image quality, ergonomic handling, fast results and cost efficiency.

More systematic performance

System solutions consisting of application-oriented software and hardware components make our instrument even more efficient. Plus, you can present your results in high resolution directly in the image of the microscope specimen.

Light Microscopes

Light Microscopes Latest News

Leica LMD software V7.5.1 release (World****Champion edition)

World Champions are made in Germany. The Leica LMD System and its software is made in Germany too....

Laser Microdissection Workshop Brazil

Leica Microsystems Brazil Scores With Laser Microdissection Workshop

Right in time for soccer world championship preparation in Brazil, Leica Microsystems scores with a...

Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence (LAS AF) 4.0 is the software platform for advanced life science research in widefield and confocal microscopy. The image shows the 2D Analysis Module used to count nuclei automatically.

Image Analysis, Environmental Control and Experiment Handling via Mobile Devices for Life Science Research

Leica Microsystems Releases Leica Application Suite Advanced Fluorescence (LAS AF) 4.0

The Leica DMi1 enables cell biologists to check and document cell and tissue cultures within seconds. Its ease-of-use and efficient operation make it an excellent choice for routine laboratory work as well as for training

Leica DMi1 – The Entry Level Inverted Microscope

Leica Microsystems Introduces an Inverted Microscope for Cell Culture Quick Check, Documentation,...