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Microscope Cameras

Microscope cameras from Leica are particularly remarkable for their fast live images, short reaction times, high resolution and clear contrast. And they are compatible with almost all Leica microscopes and macroscopes.

Sophisticated Microscope Cameras

We have the right camera for every application to record exactly what you see through our high-performance instruments. Photographs with a resolution of more than 12 million pixels, ultra high sensitivity and optimum color fidelity are possible with our Microscope Cameras

Imaging and Analysis of the Finest Details

Our product range covers digital Microscope Cameras with intuitive software for archiving, measurement, analysis and presentation. 100% reproducibility of the exposures and highly convenient remote control of the cameras and ensure a fast and economical workflow.

Microscope Cameras Products

Microscope Cameras News

The multi-purpose camera Leica DFC7000 T is an ideal tool for the acquisition of brightfield and fluorescence images and performs outstanding simultaneous multi-color fluorescence imaging.

Leica DFC7000 T Multi-Purpose Camera for Brightfield and Fluorescence Microscopy

Two Acquisition Modalities in One CCD Color Sensor Save Time

Leica Microsystems at This Year’s BI-MU Exhibition in Milan, Italy

September 30 - October 4, 2014

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