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Digital Microscopes / 3D Display Microscopes

Portable Digital Microscopes for fast, quantitative 2D and 3D Surface Measurements

Digital Microscopes from Leica Microsystems open new horizons in mobility and speed to support R&D and Quality Control. Our Microscopes combine high end optics with innovative digital technology for macroscopic and microscopic imaging.

You need to identify problems quickly and accurately so that production quality can be optimized. This is why digital microscopes from Leica Microsystems have been designed to deliver fast, accurate and dependable results, with minimum effort.

Need Assistance?

Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on the right digital microscope for your needs and budget.

Easy to use

Just sit down and get started. Leica Digital Microscopes are intuitive to use, even without any experience in microscopy.

Comfortable working

Enjoy looking at a monitor in a comfortable position or review the images with colleagues. There is no need for eyepieces.

Fast results

With just one click enjoy faster-than-movie live images, capture high-quality images, and record HD videos.


Whatever your product may be, whether large or small, flat or with complex structures: there is a Leica Digital Microscope solution to meet your needs. Today and in the future.

Perfect images

Experience perfect images that capture every detail of your samples, in natural, true-to-life color.

Peace of mind

Be assured of repeatable, traceable results, no matter how many colleagues use the microscope thanks to simple operation and intelligent features like encoded zoom.

Digital Microscopes

Reliable suppression of shiny spots on a soldered joint by using a diffuser.

Image of a printed circuit board embedded in plastic.

Surface model of an electronic component for quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

High Dynamic Range makes all details of a soldered joint visible.

Image with increased depth of field – by acquiring an image stack, the depth of field limited by the optics can be increased.

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