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Digital Microscopes / 3D Display Microscopes

Portable Digital Microscopes for fast, quantitative 2D and 3D Surface Measurements

Digital Microscopes from Leica Microsystems open new horizons in mobility and speed to support R&D and Quality Control. Our Microscopes combine high end optics with innovative digital technology for macroscopic and microscopic imaging.

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Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on the right digital microscope for your needs and budget.

Modular system fits every application

Three Digital Microscope solutions provide a wide range of different configurations – from the “intelligent,” portable, all-in-one system to the modular basic model. Each system can be configured for specific applications and individual requirements using an extensive range of components and accessories.

Digital microscopy systems from Leica Microsystems open up entirely new possibilities for quality control of products – while providing an effective supplement to traditional microscope inspection.

Digital Microscopes Latest News

Tips and Tricks for Digital Microscopy

The great thing about digital microscopes is that they are so easy to operate. Even if you don’t...

Visualizing Surface Structures in 3D

Surface models of micro- macroscopic structures are useful for gaining a better understanding of...

What You See is What You Get - The Benefits of Digital Microscopy at a Glance

The appeal of digital microscopes lies in their ease of use. You don’t need microscopy experience...

Digital Microscopes

Leica DCM8 Leica DMS300 Leica DMS1000 Leica DMS1000 B
Leica DCM8 Optical Surface Metrology System

Leica DCM8 is the latest evolution in non-contact 3D optical surface metrology. Designed to help you maximize efficiency, it unites the...

Leica DMS300 Real-Time HD without PC - For Manufacturing/QC

Leica DMS1000 Low-to-Mid Range Magnification Digital Microscope

Digital microscope system for digital inspection, observation and measurement. From tiniest detail to an overview, the...

Leica DMS1000 B Biological Laboratory Research Digital Microscope

A preconfigured digital microscope system that is ideal for working in laminar flow cabinets as required in demanding research applications...

Leica DVM2500 Leica DVM5000 HD
Leica DVM2500 PC-based Digital Microscope with High Degree of Magnification

Leica DVM2500 digital microscope combines the modular LAS Software with a fast FireWire-camera and a compact control unit for...

Leica DVM5000 HD All-In-One Digital Microscope with High Degree of Magnification

The Leica DVM5000 HD is the digital microscope for fast acquisition of 2D and 3D images. The complete range of easy to use software tools...