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Your students can work productively and realize their full potential with educational microscope solutions featuring outstanding optical performance and student-friendly construction. Leica Microsystems’ line of affordable teaching microscopes is specifically designed for plug-and-play ease of use, allowing you to spend more time teaching and less time making microscope adjustments.  From Biology to Earth Science to Materials Science to Forensic Education, Leica offers a wide range of microscopy solutions for beginning, intermediate, and advanced science classrooms.

Student Friendly in Every Way

The student-friendly features and high-quality construction of our educational products make them the right tools that support ease of use, prevent incorrect settings, and protect microscope components. All this combines to more effectively teach our next generation of scientists.

High Performance Optics and Digital Imaging

Outstanding optical performance combined with student-friendly construction and versatile Digital Imaging Solutions allows the instructor to form an interactive and creative learning environment. This allows students to work productively and realize their full potential.