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Watchmaking Industry

For watchmakers and in the watchmaking industry, the high precision of Leica stereo microscopes facilitates delicate assembly of watches and reliable inspection for high quality and workmanship. With our ergonomic accessories, you can configure your instrument optimally according to your needs so that you can reduce fatigue while spending long hours working with a microscope. You can view polished surfaces and gemstones in their true light with neutral color temperature LED incident light sources like ring lights or LED dome.

Reflections are reduced with diffusers or polarization sets. Work smoothly and uninterruptedly with fast images from our digital microscope cameras with frame rates of up to 30 fps that provide crisp, clear, high-quality images. Facilitate your work with software such as Leica LAS Interactive Measurement for measurements, and Leica LAS Multifocus for pin-sharp images by combining the data from a series of recorded images.

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Please contact us if you would like to have personal expert advice on our microscopy solutions for watch making.

Quality Assurance

Reduce risk of inaccurate measurements and flawed analysis with fully integrated microscope systems with coded and automated hardware from Leica Microsystems for Quality Assurance, failure analysis and regulatory affairs. These precise and powerful systems allow you to easily reproduce settings and validate correct operation with advanced features and intuitive imaging software.

Top Stereo Microscope Solution

Leica M205 C stereomicroscope for watchmaking industry quality assurance

To help you efficiently deliver the most accurate results, the Leica M205 C stereomicroscope for RA/QA/FA is a modular, powerful tool for imaging resolutions down to 952nm. This solution features Leica FusionOptics, which combines large depth of field and high resolution for precise 3D imaging. The full apochromatic correction of the high-performance optics prevents chromatic aberrations and ensures excellent results.

Package includes: Leica M205 C Stereomicroscope with Ergo Trinocular Tube, Leica LED5000 SLI (spot light) and/or RL (ring light) Illumination, Leica DFC450 Digital Camera, and Leica Application Suite (LAS), Montage, Measurement, and Store & Recall Software.

Top Digital Solution

Leica DVM6 for quality assurance in watchmaking industry

For investigation and documentation of precision micromechanical systems and machined surfaces, the Leica DVM6 RA/QA digital microscope combines the Leica Application Suite X (LAS X) software, an intergrated 10-megapixel digital camera, different intergrated illumination options, outstanding optics for precise, effective digital microscopy. The tilting feature allows to inspect complex samples at any angle. This versatile package is configurable to your needs with only 3 objectives to handle a wide magnification range from macro to sub-micron resolution - whether you need a cost-effective entry-level solution or a high performance 3D imaging and analysis tool.

Premium software package includes: image capture and image management, 2D measuring and annotations, images with high depth of field, autofocus function, multi-focus images with 3D view and 3D measurement, automatic XY panoramas in 2D and 3D.


Achieve accuracy and speed to maximize productivity and provide high-quality results comfortably with ergonomic stereo microscopes from Leica Microsystems. With excellent optical quality and large field of view, these systems ensure operator comfort while optimizing assembly workflow.

Top Stereo Microscope Solution

Leica M60 stereomicroscope for watch making assembly

Benefit from the comfort of ergonomic design, precise accuracy, and increased productivity along with high quality end results using the Leica M60 stereomicroscope.

Package includes: Leica M60 Stereomicroscope, 0.63x Objective, 10x Eyepieces, Binocular Tube, Leica LED3000 RL (ring light) Illumination, Focus Column, Microscope Carrier, and Base.


Inspect with comfort and accuracy with ergonomic stereo microscopes from Leica Microsystems. Offering a range of pre-configured solutions to meet your individual application needs and budget.

Top Stereo Microscope Solution

Leica A60 F stereomicroscope for watch making inspection

Offering work space for user comfort and excellent optical quality for accuracy, the Leica A60 F stereo microscope with FusionOptics gives you high resolution and extended depth of field for your inspection tasks.

This package includes the Leica A60 F (Flexarm) or S (Swingarm) along with LED light source technology.