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Examine signs of corrosion, dirt deposits, treatment or processing techniques for metal objects or analyzing the metal structure and determining alloy components with Leica Microsystems' individualized and affordable system solutions. Featured stereo and research microscopes are combined with digital cameras and easy-to-use 3D software to support your analysis, cleaning and documentation of metal objects.

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Please contact us if you would like to have personal expert advice on our microscopy solutions for Metal Art Conservation.

Top Stereo Solution

Leica Z16 APO stereomicroscope for Metals Conservation

Examine signs of corrosion and dirt deposits or analyze metal structures without destroying the work with the Leica Z16 APO stereomacroscope for Metal Art Conservation. This modular and configurable solution is a fully apochromatic zoom system for high contrast, high-resolution, detailed analysis. Together with the Leica DFC450 and LAS Extended Annotation and Measurement software modules, this stereomacroscope package is ideal for digital imaging and detailed documentation of metal art.

Top Compound Solution

Leica DM2700 M upright microscope for Metals Conservation

Analyze metal structures or determine alloy components with high-resolution and high-performance imaging with the Leica DM2700 M microscope solution for Metal Art Conservation. Available with polarized light options, this upright microscope solution comes with Leica DFC290 camera and Leica Application Suite software for easy-to-use documentation and analysis of corrosion, dirt deposits or metal composition. The ultra-bright, cool LED illumination and ergonomic design protects the art and keeps you comfortable allowing you to concentrate on your delicate work.

Top Digital Solution

Leica DVM2500 digital microscope for Metals Conservation

Analyze, restore and preserve metal artwork in 3D with the Leica DVM2500 digital microscope for Art Conservation. This complete package comes with a fast FireWire camera and easy-to-use Leica Application Suite software for detailed analysis and documentation. Metal objects with vertical or inclined surfaces are viewed easily with the revolving x/y stage and flexible tilting stand.

For restoration and conservation of metal objects, e.g. this silver candelabra from the 19th century. © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

A microscope was used for analyzing damaged areas, cleaning the surface, and documentation. Under the microscope an artificial patina was discovered in the tarnished areas of the silver candelabra. © Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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