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  1. The Graphs

    The graphs of the various components are shown here.

  2. The Zoom Slider

    This is the slider for zooming in on the graph.

  3. Add a Light Source

    Here you can select a light source and add its graph.

  4. Add a Fluorophore

    Here you can select a fluorophore and add its graph.

  5. Add a Filter Cube

    Here you can select a filter cube and add its graphs.

  6. The Quicktips

    Find some helpful tips here when interacting with this tool.

  7. The Actions

    Here you find further actions.


Light Source




Filter Cube


Light Source


Filter Cube

Choose a light source

Choose a fluorophore

Choose a filter cube

The light sources you've added so far

The fluorophores you've added so far

The filter cubes you've added so far

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