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The Fast Track to Super-Resolution Leica TCS STED CW

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica TCS SP8

The new Leica TCS STED CW confocal microscope is the most straightforward way to nanoscopy for research. The system reveals sub-cellular details below 80 nm – based on a purely optical approach. Sub-diffraction multicolor images provide new insights into cellular architecture.

The depletion laser and the excitation lines in the visible range enable researchers to use conventional dyes such as Alexa 488, FITC and Oregon Green and established fluorescent proteins such as YFP.

Dynamics of sub-cellular processes can be imaged due to this flexibility and the system's ability of fast data acquisition. This means: live cell imaging below the diffraction limit!

Leica TCS STED CW confocal microscope for live cell imaging below the diffraction limit

New Model

Leica TCS SP8
Leica TCS SP8 Flexible spectral confocal laser scanning microscopy platform with high photon efficiency