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Electron Microscope Sample Preparation

Excellent Sample Preparation is a prerequisite for perfect microscopy. Leica Microsystems offers the most comprehensive product portfolio for the preparation of biological, medical and industrial samples.

Preparation for many applications

Our products allow perfect preparation of samples for examination in the Electron Microscope (TEM – Transmission Electron Microscope and SEM – Scanning Electron Microscope), LM (Light Microscope), Confocal Microscope and AFM (Atomic Force Microscope).

Precise and easy to use instruments

Our instruments for Sample Preparation meet the highest demands in technology and ergonomy, helping you to achieve high-precision results in the field of nanotechnology.

EM Sample Preparation Products

EM Sample Preparation News

New Remote Monitoring Smart Solution

A new solution to help you enjoy (not) being in the lab. It enables remote monitoring of a freeze...

New Vertical holder for Leica EM FC7 Cryochamber

Using these new tools results in a drastic reduction of trimming time prior to sectioning the...

Ion Beam Polishing for Large Areas

Leica Microsystems offers a New Rotary Stage for the Leica EM TIC3X

1: Flow-through inserts for 6mm sample carriers

New Leica EM AFS2/EM FSP Flow-through inserts for 6mm sample carriers

This new insert is suitable for manual freeze substitution process in the Leica EM AFS2 and for...