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EM Sample Prep Industrial Materials

To achieve the best results when examining your sample in the Electron Microscope, Atomic Force Microscope or Light Microscope, the perfect EM Sample Preparation is a prerequisite.

With its comprehensive product portfolio for the preparation of industrial samples, Leica Microsystems offers you system solutions for all your workflows during EM Sample Preparation.

These techniques can be performed with Leica Microsystems' high-precision and easy to use instruments at room temperature or cryo:

  • Ultrathin Sectioning with Ultramicrotomes
  • Cryo-Ultramicrotomy
  • Freeze Etching
  • Freeze Fracture
  • EM Coating
  • Cryo Transfer
  • Plunge Freezing
  • Cryofixation
  • High Pressure Freezing
  • Ion Beam Milling
  • Ion Beam Etching
  • Target Preparation - mechanical grinding and polishing