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Product Archive

Leica EM UC6 Leica EM CPD030 Leica EM MM80 E Leica EM IGL
Leica EM UC6 Ultramicrotome for ultrathin sectioning of biological and industrial specimen samples

Replaced by Leica EM UC7 in July 2009. Designed for comfort and convenience, the Leica Ultracut EM...

Leica EM CPD030 Critical Point Drying Device for Controlled Specimen Drying

In August 2011 the new Critical Point Dryer

Leica EM MM80 E Metal mirror cryofixation system for impact freezing

The Leica EM MM80 E is a metal mirror cryofixation system for impact freezing of specimen up to 20 mm in diameter. Using a LN2 cooled...

Leica EM IGL Automated immunogold labeling system

The automated Leica EM IGL immunogold labeling system eliminates the need for tedious manual labeling of grids and...

Leica EM CPC Leica EM RES101 Leica EM TIC020 Leica EM CED030
Leica EM CPC Universal cryofixation system for immersion and metal mirror cryofixation

The Leica EM CPC cryopreparation chamber is a modular, versatile system to prepare biological and material specimens for plunge...

Leica EM RES101 Ion milling system

The Leica EM RES101 is a fully computer-controlled ion milling system with the highest level of user flexibility, which combines the preparation of...

Leica EM TIC020 Triple Ion Beam Miller for Preparation of Slope Cuts

In August 2011 the new

Leica EM CED030 Carbon Thread Evaporation Device

The Leica EM CED030 is a compact bench-top single and multiple carbon thread evaporation device for producing conductive carbon films on...