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Earth & Material Science Education

Light microscopes for your Earth or Materials Science classroom demand flexible, easy-to-use solutions for a variety of samples. Compound solutions from Leica Microsystems offer high resolution, brilliant illumination, intuitive software and high-performance optics for reliable analysis and documentation. Customize your classroom with affordable upright or inverted microscope solutions that promote safer use through ergonomic design and foster an interactive and productive learning environment.

Need Assistance?

Contact a local imaging specialist for expert advice on the right Earth and Materials Science light microscopes for your classroom needs and budget.

Earth & Material Sciences Products

Leica DM2700 P Leica DMshare Leica DM1750 M Leica DM750 M
Leica DM2700 P Upright Polarization Microscope with LED Illumination

This polarization microscope combines high-quality Leica optics with state-of-the-art universal white light LED illumination for incident and...

Leica DMshare Wireless live image transfer from selected Leica cameras to iPad -

Leica DMshare provides a live display of what you and the camera can see wireless on one or multiple iPads. This makes it easy to visualize...

Leica DM1750 M Materials Analysis Microscope

With a focus on tasks in the material lab or research The new Leica DM1750 M is a material microscope designed for rapid,...

Leica DM750 M Shine a New Light on Your Samples - Perfect for Education, Materials, Inspection and Basic Metallography

The Leica DM750 M is the ideal microscope for basic materials applications in an Industrial Lab or Material Science course. Its...

Leica DM750 P
Leica DM750 P Polarizing Microscope for a Student Friendly, more cost-Effective Classroom Environment

The Leica DM750 P is the ideal polarizing microscope for teaching material and earth science in college and...