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Spinning Disc System for Fast Confocal Live Cell Imaging Leica SD AF

The Leica SD AF is an integrated system solution, combining superior Leica optics, Yokogawa spinning disk technology and the versatility of the Leica MM AF software powered by MetaMorph®.

Benefiting from Leica’s breadth of experience in the field of true confocal and widefield imaging, these components are brought together to form a unique solution for high speed confocal sectioning and 3D reconstruction.

Spinning Disc System for Fast Confocal Live Cell Imaging - Leica SD AF

Your Advantages

Unmatched image quality Improved confocality and homogenity

Unmatched image quality

Get spectacular image quality even at the 405nm laser line with dedicated Leica optics. The proprietary Leica Advanced Correction System (ACS) technology correct for chromatic aberrations producing equally good images at all wavelengths. It provides CFP live cell imaging and DAPI imaging with superior image quality.

Uncage, photo-activate, photo-switch or bleach are exactly possbile at the same Z-level as seen in the Yokogawa spinning disk image.

Improved confocality and homogenity

Optimized optical adaption of the spinning disk head to Leica microscopes, see more details even at low magnifications.

With its homogeneous illumination the quantification with comparable results throughout the full field of view is possible.

Long term live-cell studies with water immersion objectives Flexible system configurations

Long term live-cell studies with water immersion objectives

Retain highest resolution and contrast in Z with the water immersion micro dispenser. No loss of contrast when moving into the sample. Aberration free focusing into the sample. No disruption of water film during stage movement.

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Flexible system configurations

Perform high speed confocal experiments: on upright, inverted and fixed stage microscopes.

Stay focussed

Stay focussed

Keep the sample in focus with Leica DMI6000 B with Adaptive Focus Control.