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Leica DMi8 Life Science Research

Precision Mechanics and Optics

Leica DMi8 equipped with our mechanical micromanipulators is the workhorse for precision and robustness. The joystick movement transfers directly to the tip of the capillary, without any backlash.

Configuration example for pronucleus injection

  • Leica DMi8 with motorized focus and nosepiece
  • Touch screen
  • 10x, 20x, 40x objectives
  • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC)
  • Manual or motorized three-plate stage
  • Leica DFC290 HD camera

Fully Motorized Micromanipulation

The fully motorized Leica DMi8 and Eppendorf micromanipulators allow you to store and recall important functions, thereby increasing speed and precision. A touch screen can be added for easy and intuitive control of all microscope functions.

Configuration example for embryonic stem cell transfer

  • Leica DMi8 with motorized focus and nosepiece
  • Touch Screen
  • 10x, 20x, 40x objectives
  • Integrated Modulation Contrast and Phase Contrast
  • Manual or motorized three-plate stage
  • Leica DFC290 HD camera

Versatile and Proven Combinations

Leica Microsystems and Narishige: a widely used combination around the world. With both manual and motorized oil hydraulic Narishige micromanipulators available, find the option that works best for your needs.

Configuration example for ICSI

  • Leica DMi8 with manual focus and nosepiece
  • 10x, 20x, 40x objectives
  • Integrated Modulation Contrast
  • Manual three-plate stage
  • Leica MATS 37°C heating insert
  • Leica DFC290 HD camera
Embryonic stem cell injection into 8 cell stage (mouse). Courtesy of Christian Klasen, MDC, Berlin, Germany.

Perfect Stability

Creating a vibration-free setup and obtaining outstanding optics to visualize tiny particles for microinjection (e.g. pronuclei) are the major challenges for micromanipulation.

The Leica DMi8 offers a stable, ergonomic, and flexible microscope platform along with a variety of contrasting methods for visualizing cells. In combination with the micromanipulator of choice, you can create a perfectly matched system to work with your cells.

Brilliant Image Quality

Visualize small structures, such as sperm heads, with the highest resolution and contrast. With superb contrast methods, such as Integrated Modulation Contrast and DIC, and a variety of high quality objectives to choose from, you will see tiny structures with clarity.

Sperms. Courtesy of Stéphane Viville, Service de Biologie de la Reproduction, Schiltigheim, France.

Keep the Specimen in View

Zoom in and out without switching objectives and losing sight of moving specimens. The Leica variozoom camera c-mount allows you to increase and decrease the magnification with just a turn of the adaptor - perfect to keep fast moving specimen like spermatocytes in view while changing magnification to check morphology or catch a sperm for injection.

Concentrate on Your Work

Change contrast methods or magnification with just one press of the button on the touch screen or microscope. Intelligent automation in the Leica DMi8 selects the right optical elements to visualize your specimen at its best.

Convenient and Ergonomic Remote Control

Easily control the focus and stage movements via the Leica Smart Move placed next to your microscope.

Maintain the Right Temperature

The Leica MATS heated stage insert works in combination with dry and oil objectives up to 100x. With precise and stable temperature control, you can ensure that sensitive samples are kept at the right temperature.