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HD Microscope Camera Leica ICC50 HD

The Leica ICC50 HD camera is a High Definition digital microscope camera which easily fits between the viewing tube and any manual DM microscope body. It is opimized fo the DM500 and DM750 microscope and offers a fast live High Resolution image on a computer screen or HD Display.

The camera can capture 3 Megapixel color images directly onto a SD card or to a connected PC. The intuitive Imaging Software allows for easy fine tuning, capture, and archiving of images. The LAS EZ software also allows for basic annotation and measurement.

The Leica ICC50 HD is also compatible with the full range of Leica Microsystems LAS Software e.g. Multifocus, Measurement and Extended Annotation.

Leica ICC50 HD

Your Advantages

High Definition Output Multipurpose Buttons

High Definition Output

Fast, live, high resolution images for real time specimen viewing on HD Displays without a computer

Multipurpose Buttons

Most functions (preset illumination modes, HD to PC mode switching, etc) can be done on the camera without a computer

Hand Held Remote Option Integrated 3.0 Megapixel CMOS Camera

Hand Held Remote Option

Fine Tune Images, view SD card gallery, capture movie clips from a handheld control

Integrated 3.0 Megapixel CMOS Camera

Provides excellent color images with max. resolution of 2048 x 1536.

Thumbnail Gallery Stand Alone Operation

Thumbnail Gallery

Display of captured still images and playback of movie clips available on HD screen. (Firmware update version 1.62 needed)

Stand Alone Operation

A stand alone kit is available to use the Leica ICC50 HD without a computer