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Imaging software for Windows Operating Systems for "EZ" documentation and annotation Leica LAS EZ

The Leica LAS EZ software, compatible with the Leica EZ4 HD stereomicroscope, as well as the Leica EC3, Leica ICC50 HD and Leica IC80 HD digital cameras, provides an ideal common, easy-to-use, consistent platform for basic education, industry and life science applications.

The Leica LAS EZ guides the user through the camera settings and shading corrections for high quality imaging and allows the user to easily make annotations and basic measurements.

NEW! - Free hand annotation on the live and captured images.

Integrated imaging system accurately stores high-resolution images fast.

Your Advantages

Interface workflow technology

Automates routine tasks to reduce time of repetitive functions for convenience and efficiency

High-resolution imaging

For a variety of basic imaging needs such as visualization, enhancement, measurements, and documentation

Simple annotation

Free hand drawings as well as measurements, lines and arrows with text helps to label interesteing parts

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