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Ophthalmology Microscopes

Ophthalmology – microsurgery on the eye

Surely, vision is the most important of a person's five senses. Accordingly, the variety of eye procedures extends from routine outpatient corneal correction to complex operations on the retina and vitreous humor.

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See more with less light

Surgery on the posterior segment presents special challenges for the surgeon and the microscope. Because the retina is highly light-sensitive, only low level illumination is allowed. This means that the optics have to work very efficiently. The Leica Low Light concept – with direct halogen illumination and high-intensity transmission optics – provides the necessary contrast ratio for retina procedures.

Efficient operation ensures the patient's comfort and well-being

Operations in the anterior segment are often done on an outpatient basis. To ensure the cataract patient's comfort, operating the microscope must be intuitive and reliable in every phase of surgery. Leica’s coaxial double beam stereo illumination and OttoFlex™ II finally provide a stable red reflex, even with difficult anatomical conditions (e.g. small pupils or advanced clouding of the lens).

Leica ophthalmology microscopes for today and tomorrow

Leica microscopes are modular and expandable. They meet the specific requirements of educational institutions and small clinics with limited space in their operating rooms.