What is EM Sample Preparation?

To achieve the best results during examination in the Electron Microscope (EM), the perfect EM Sample Preparation (for TEM, SEM, AFM) is a prerequisite. The required techniques depend on the samples (biological samples, material samples) as well as on the application. EM Sample Preparation incudes all methods of preparations from embedding, tissue processing, coating, immunogold labeling through ultrathin sectioning with ultramicrotomes, cryo-ultramicrotomy, cryosectioning, critical point drying, plunge freezing, freeze substitution, freeze fracturing, freeze drying, contrasting, cryofixation, high pressure freezing, cryo transfer, freeze etching, freeze fracture to ion beam milling, ion beam etching, and target preparation – mechanical grinding and polishing. Only if each step of sample preparation is of the highest quality, can optimum results be obtained from a high resolution electron microscope.