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Leica TCS SP8 CARS SP8 Configurable Confocal

CARS Microscope - Label Free Imaging Leica TCS SP8 CARS

For imaging with the Leica TCS SP8 CARS confocal microscope, specimen do not have to be stained. The Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) technology involves two laser beams to visualize the vibrational contrast of molecules in specimens. The specimen remains almost unaffected.

The user profits of a wide range of live cell imaging with the combination of visible, IR and UV lasers, second harmonic generation and CARS such as analyzing living cells, tissues and even small whole animals at high speed or at high resolution.

With its flexibility and convenient handling, the Leica TCS SP8 CARS is the ideal device for research institutes and multi-user facilities.

Leica TCS SP8 CARS Confocal Microscope-Label Free Imaging

Your Advantages

Imaging of native specimen without dyes Multispectral imaging with VIS, UV, IR, SHG and CARS

Imaging of native specimen without dyes

The integration of the label-free CARS technology into the Leica TCS SP8 confocal platform overcomes the limitation of dye-based imaging methods. Imaging of the characteristic intrinsic vibrational contrast of the pure molecules in the sample does not require any staining. This method is non-toxic, non-destructive and minimally invasive.

Multispectral imaging with VIS, UV, IR, SHG and CARS

The Leica TCS SP8 CARS is a platform providing various imaging methods such as CARS, single photon or multiphoton fluorescence or for imaging with UV lasers in simultaneous or sequential mode.

Laser sources, scanner model and imaging mode can be optimally adapted to the application of interest and setup through the system software Leica LAS AF. The ergonomic and intuitive handling ensures that ambitious experiments run smoothly.

Easy experiment setup with a fully integrated system

Easy experiment setup with a fully integrated system

The compact CARS laser is fully controlled through the system software LAS AF. The tight integration of the laser control into the software makes the sophisticated process of adjusting multiple parameters of the system completely transparent. This solution offers the most convenient way to perform CARS experiments – for experts and novices alike.

Video rate and high resolution in one system

Leica TCS SP8 CARS includes the Leica Tandem Scanner. It comprises a conventional scanner for all morphology and classical speed live cell applications and a resonant scanner that provides a wide range of high speed options. This combination of two scanners covers a multitude of applications and makes the Leica TCS SP8 CARS a flexible device fitted for multi-user facilities.