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Surface Metrology Confocal & Interferometry

Accurate and reproducible characterization of multiple material surfaces is essential in numerous production and research processes. The Leica DCM8 with its confocal technology and ease of use enables you to profile challenging surfaces with complex shapes or steep inclinations of up to 70°quickly and accurately – without destroying the sample.

  • Optical resolution (X/Y) up to 140 nm
  • Vertical resolution (Z) up to 2 nm
  • Typical measurement time of 3-5 seconds
  • High definition, high sensitivity 1.4 mega-pixel detector offers fast, real-time live confocal imaging
  • Four LEDs deliver true color information in each pixel and wide application range
  • RGB confocal mode provides a fast impression of the height of the sample features in real time

Thanks to the dual core technology of the Leica DCM8 you can also use interferometric analysis, providing sub-namometer z-resolution – ideal for flat, smooth surfaces. The combination of these measurement technologies makes this a versatile, super-fast 3D surface measurement system – delivering one solution for all your micro- and nano-metrology tasks.

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Surface Metrology Confocal & Interferometry Products