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Inverted, Manual Microscope for Industrial Applications Leica DMI3000 M

Safety issues related to the maintenance operations in a vegetable oil refinery: A case study
Gabriele Landucci, Gianfranco Lovicu, Federica Barontini, Luca Guidi, Cristiano Nicolella (2014)
Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 30 p. 95-104

Effect of mold temperature on motion behavior of short glass fibers in injection molding process
Xi-Ping Li, Guo-Qun Zhao, Can Yang (2014)
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology   

Biodegradable chitosan/alginate BSA-gel-capsules for pH-controlled loading and release of doxorubicin and treatment of pulmonary melanoma
Haijun Shen, Hui Shi, Meng Xie, Kun Ma, Bo Li, Song Shen, Xinshi Wang, Yi Jin (2013)
Journal of Materials Chemistry B

ß Grain Growth Kinetics of a New Metastable ß Titanium Alloy
Yue Fei, Xin Nan Wang, Zhi Shou Zhu, Jun Li, Guo Qiang Shang, Li Wei Zhu (2013)
Materials Science Forum 747-748 p. 844-849

Microstructure Reconstruct of Continuous Fiber Bundles by Image Analysis
Jin Chao Li, Li Chen, L. Li (2011)
Advanced Materials Research 332-334 p. 1015-1018

Effect of Microstructure on Sliding Wear Behaviour of Modified 9Cr-1Mo steel
Ipsa Tripathy (2011)