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Leica DCM 3D Industrial & Materials

3D Optical Surface Metrology System Leica DCM 3D

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DCM8

The Leica DCM 3D system with dual core technology has been designed for fast, non-invasive assessment of micro and nano structures of technical surfaces, in multiple configurations.

The DCM 3D combines confocal and interferometry technology for high speed and high-resolution measurements down to 0.1nm.

And, the micro display confocal technology, with no moving parts, measures a variety of materials and provides confocal and bright field images simultaneously.

Visit our Webinar: Applications of Confocal Microscopy and Interferometry in Surface Metrology and Inspection

Confocal and interferometry technology for high speed, high-resolution measurements.

New Model

Leica DCM8
Leica DCM8 Digital microscope for 3D surface measurement in production and research