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Publications 2017

Oil Accumulation in Transgenic Potato Tubers Alters Starch Quality and Nutritional Profile
Mitchell M, Pritchard J, Okada S, Larroque O, Yulia D, et. al.
Frontiers in Plant Science
2017 vol: 8 pp: 554

Damage-Induced Cell Regeneration in the Midgut of Aedes albopictus Mosquitoes
Janeh M, Osman D, Kambris Z, Hoek M, O’Farrell P
Scientific Reports
2017 vol: 7 pp: 44594

Integration of Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Determines Sensitivity to PI3Kα-selective Inhibitors in Breast Cancer
Xu Y, Wang X, Chen Y, Chen S, Yang X, Sun Y, Geng M, Ding J, Meng L
2017 vol: 7 (4) pp: 974-986

Publications 2016

Five novel transcription factors as potential regulators of OsNHX1 gene expression in a salt tolerant rice genotype
Almeida D Gregorio G Oliveira M Saibo N
Plant Molecular Biology
2016 pp: 1-17

Role of RhoA/MERK1/ERK1/2/iNOS signaling in ocular ischemic syndrome
Du R, Wang J, Wang Y
Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology
2016 pp: 1-10

Lacrimal Gland Repair Using Progenitor Cells
Gromova A, Voronov D, Yoshida M, Thotakura S, Meech R, et. al.
Stem cells translational medicine
2016 pp: sctm.2016-0191

Genotoxic and inflammatory effects of nanofibrillated cellulose in murine lungs
Catalán J, Rydman E, Aimonen K, Hannukainen K, Suhonen S, Vanhala E, Moreno C, Meyer V, Perez D, Sneck A, Forsström U, Højgaard C, Willemoes M, Winther J, Vogel U, Wolff H, Alenius H, Savolainen K, Norppa H
2016 pp: gew035