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Rhodamine bound maghemite as a long-term dual imaging nanoprobe of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells
Cmiel V, Skopalik J, Polakova K, Solar J, Havrdova M, et. al.
European Biophysics Journal
2016 pp: 1-12

TGF-β1 modulates microglial phenotype and promotes recovery after intracerebral hemorrhage
Taylor R, Chang C, Goods B, Hammond M, Grory B, et. al.
Journal of Clinical Investigation
2016 vol: 127 (1) pp: 598-610

Variant Exported Blood-Stage Proteins Encoded by Plasmodium Multigene Families Are Expressed in Liver Stages Where They Are Exported into the Parasitophorous Vacuole
Fougère A, Jackson A, Paraskevi Bechtsi D, Braks J, Annoura T, et. al.
PLOS Pathogens
2016 vol: 12 (11) pp: e1005917

Methods to Assess Mitochondrial Morphology in Mammalian Cells Mounting Autophagic or Mitophagic Responses
Marchi S, Bonora M, Patergnani S, Giorgi C, Pinton P
Methods in Enzymology

Differences in Env and Gag protein expression patterns and epitope availability in feline immunodeficiency virus infected PBMC compared to infected and transfected feline model cell lines
Roukaerts I, Grant C, Theuns S, Christiaens I, Acar D, et. al.
Virus Research
2017 vol: 227 pp: 249-260

Overexpression of Mcl-1 exacerbates lymphocyte accumulation and autoimmune kidney disease in lpr mice
Anstee N, Vandenberg C, Campbell K, Hughes P, O’Reilly L, et. al.
Cell Death and Differentiation

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids promote amyloid-β clearance from the brain through mediating the function of the glymphatic system
Ren H, Luo C, Feng Y, Yao X, Shi Z, et. al.
FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
2016 pp: fj.201600896

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Drive Emergence and Inheritance of Biological Traits
Chakrabortee S, Byers J, Jones S, Garcia D, Bhullar B, et. al.
2016 vol: 167 (2) pp: 369-381.e12

Nucleolar Reorganization Upon Site-Specific Double-Strand Break Induction: DNA Repair and Epigenetics of Ribosomal Genes
Franek M, Kovaříková A, Bártová E, Kozubek S
The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry
2016 pp: 0022155416668505

Targeted mutagenesis of a conserved anther-expressed P450 gene confers male sterility in monocots
Mark Cigan A, Singh M, Benn G, Feigenbutz L, Kumar M, et. al.
Plant Biotechnology Journal

Frequency of nuclear mutant huntingtin inclusion formation in neurons and glia is cell-type-specific
Jansen A, van Hal M, op den Kelder I, Meier R, de Ruiter A, et. al.
2017 vol: 65 (1) pp: 50-61

Airway epithelial homeostasis and planar cell polarity signaling depend on multiciliated cell differentiation
Vladar E, Nayak J, Milla C, Axelrod J
JCI Insight
2016 vol: 1 (13)

The Invertebrate Lysozyme Effector ILYS-3 Is Systemically Activated in Response to Danger Signals and Confers Antimicrobial Protection in C. elegans
Gravato-Nobre M, Vaz F, Filipe S, Chalmers R, Hodgkin J, et. al.
PLOS Pathogens
2016 vol: 12 (8) pp: e1005826

P-glycoprotein traffics from the nucleus to the plasma membrane in rat brain endothelium during inflammatory pain
Tome M, Herndon J, Schaefer C, Jacobs L, Zhang Y, et. al.
Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism
2016 vol: 36 (11) pp: 1913-1928

Role of dynamin-related protein 1-mediated mitochondrial fission in resistance of mouse C2C12 myoblasts to heat injury
Yu T, Deuster P, Chen Y
The Journal of Physiology

Micro-/nanofibers prepared via co-assembly of paclitaxel and dextran
Zhou T, Zhu B, Chen F, Liu Y, Ren N, et. al.
Carbohydrate Polymers

Osteocyte physiology and response to fluid shear stress are impaired following exposure to cobalt and chromium: Implications for bone health following joint replacement
Shah K, Orton P, Mani N, Wilkinson J, Gartland A
Journal of Orthopaedic Research

Synchrotron microbeam irradiation induces neutrophil infiltration, thrombocyte attachment and selective vascular damage in vivo
Brönnimann D, Bouchet A, Schneider C, Potez M, Serduc R, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2016 vol: 6 pp: 33601

Fluorescence imaging of chromosomal DNA using click chemistry
Ishizuka T, Liu H, Ito K, Xu Y, Speicher M, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2016 vol: 6 pp: 33217

Selective de-repression of germ cell-specific genes in mouse embryonic fibroblasts in a permissive epigenetic environment
Sekinaka T, Hayashi Y, Noce T, Niwa H, Matsui Y, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2016 vol: 6 pp: 32932

Effects of Alpha-Synuclein on Primary Spinal Cord Neurons Associated with Apoptosis and CNTF Expression
Feng G, Liu J, Wang Y, Wang Z, Hu Y, et. al.
Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
2016 pp: 1-13

Characterization of the POU5F1 Homologue in Nile Tilapia: From Expression Pattern to Biological Activity
Xiaohuan H, Yang Z, Linyan L, Zhenhua F, Linyan Z, et. al.
Stem Cells and Development
2016 vol: 25 (18) pp: 1386-1395

Tunneling nanotubes mediate the transfer of stem cell marker CD133 between hematopoietic progenitor cells
Reichert D, Scheinpflug J, Karbanová J, Freund D, Bornhäuser M, et. al.
Experimental Hematology

Soluble ADAM33 initiates airway remodeling to promote susceptibility for allergic asthma in early life
Davies E, Kelly J, Howarth P, Wilson D, Holgate S, et. al.
JCI Insight
2016 vol: 1 (11) pp: 2359-2364

A dual photoluminescence enhancement system: Stabilization of water soluble AIEE fluorogen using silver nanowire
Chiang Y, Huang C, Wang W, Chang C
Faraday Discuss.

PLA-grafting of collagen chains leading to a biomaterial with mechanical performances useful in tendon regeneration
Bellini D, Cencetti C, Sacchetta A, Battista A, Martinelli A, et. al.
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials

Comparison of simple, double and gelled double emulsions as hydroxytyrosol and n-3 fatty acid delivery systems
Flaiz L, Freire M, Cofrades S, Mateos R, Weiss J, et. al.
Food Chemistry
2016 vol: 213 pp: 49-57

Characterization of GPR101 transcript structure and expression patterns
Trivellin G, Bjelobaba I, Daly A, Larco D, Palmeira L, et. al.
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
2016 vol: 57 (2) pp: 97-111

Non-small-cell lung cancer cells combat epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibition through immediate adhesion-related responses
Wang H, Hsu M, Wang K, Tseng C, Chen F, et. al.
OncoTargets and therapy
2016 vol: 9 pp: 2961-73

Differences in toxicity of anionic and cationic PAMAM and PPI dendrimers in zebrafish embryos and cancer cell lines
Bodewein L, Schmelter F, Di Fiore S, Hollert H, Fischer R, et. al.
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology
2016 vol: 305 pp: 83-92

Enhancer activity-based identification of functional enhancers using zebrafish embryos
Taminato T, Yokota D, Araki S, Ovara H, Yamasu K, et. al.

Administration of SB239063, a potent p38 MAPK inhibitor, alleviates acute lung injury induced by intestinal ischemia reperfusion in rats associated with AQP4 downregulation
Xiong L, Tan Y, Ma H, Dai P, Qin Y, et. al.
International Immunopharmacology
2016 vol: 38 pp: 54-60

GRK5 Deficiency Leads to Selective Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Neuronal Vulnerability
He M, Singh P, Cheng S, Zhang Q, Peng W, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2016 vol: 6 pp: 26116

Human endothelial progenitor cells-derived exosomes accelerate cutaneous wound healing in diabetic rats by promoting endothelial function
Li X, Jiang C, Zhao J
Journal of Diabetes and its Complications
2016 vol: 30 (6) pp: 986-992

Inhibition of DHHC20-Mediated EGFR Palmitoylation Creates a Dependence on EGFR Signaling
Runkle K, Kharbanda A, Stypulkowski E, Cao X, Wang W, et. al.
Molecular Cell
2016 vol: 62 (3) pp: 385-396

In Vitro Maturation of Mouse Oocytes Increases the Level of Kif11/Eg5 on Meiosis II Spindles
Kovacovicova K, Awadova T, Mikel P, Anger M
Biology of Reproduction
2016 vol: 95 (1) pp: 18-18

Quantifying the effect of experimental design choices for in vitro scratch assays
Johnston S, Ross J, Binder B, Sean McElwain D, Haridas P, et. al.
Journal of Theoretical Biology
2016 vol: 400 pp: 19-31

Synthetic Toll-like receptor 7 ligand inhibits porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus infection in primary porcine alveolar macrophages
Du Y, Du T, Shi Y ,Zhang A, Zhang C, et. al.
Antiviral Research
2016 vol: 131 pp: 9-18

Improving Osteoblast Response In Vitro by a Nanostructured Thin Film with Titanium Carbide and Titanium Oxides Clustered around Graphitic Carbon
Longo G, Ioannidu C, Scotto d’Abusco A, Superti F, Misiano C, et. al.
2016 vol: 11 (3) pp: e0152566

MicroRNA-194 restrains the cell progression of non-small cell lung cancer by targeting human nuclear distribution protein C
Zhou L, Di Q, Sun B, Wang X, Li M, et. al.
Oncology Reports
2016 vol: 35 (6) pp: 3435-3444

Turning On and Off Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Fluorescent Proteins by π-Stacking, Halide Binding, and Tyr145 Mutations
Bogdanov A, Acharya A, Titelmayer A, Mamontova A, Bravaya K, et. al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society
2016 vol: 138 (14) pp: 4807-4817

Physicochemical analysis of initial adhesion and biofilm formation of Methanosarcina barkeri on polymer support material
Nguyen V, Karunakaran E, Collins G, Biggs C
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces
2016 vol: 143 pp: 518-525

miR-434-3p and DNA hypomethylation co-regulate eIF5A1 to increase AChRs and to improve plasticity in SCT rat skeletal muscle
Shang F, Xia Q, Liu W, Xia L, Qian B, et. al.
Scientific Reports
2016 vol: 6 pp: 22884

Collagen accumulation in osteosarcoma cells lacking GLT25D1 collagen galactosyltransferase
Baumann S, Hennet T
Journal of Biological Chemistry
2016 pp: jbc.M116.723379

The impact of doped silicon quantum dots on human osteoblasts
Ostrovska L, Broz A, Fucikova A, Belinova T, Sugimoto H, et. al.
RSC Adv.
2016 vol: 6 (68) pp: 63403-63413

IF-combined smRNA FISH reveals interaction of MCPIP1 protein with IER3 mRNA
Kochan J, Wawro M, Kasza A, Anderson P, Anderson P, et. al.
Biology open
2016 vol: 5 (7) pp: 889-98

Varicella zoster virus infection of human fetal lung cells alters mitochondrial morphology
Keller A, Badani H, McClatchey P, Baird N, Bowlin J, et. al.
Journal of NeuroVirology
2016 pp: 1-9

Comprehensive analysis of mitochondrial permeability transition pore activity in living cells using fluorescence-imaging-based techniques
Bonora M, Morganti C, Morciano G, Giorgi C, Wieckowski M, et. al.
Nature Protocols
2016 vol: 11 (6) pp: 1067-1080

Visualizing the replicating HSV-1 virus using STED super-resolution microscopy
Li Z, Fang C, Su Y, Liu H, Lang F, et. al.
Virology Journal
2016 vol: 13 (1) pp: 65

MicroProtein-Mediated Recruitment of CONSTANS into a TOPLESS Trimeric Complex Represses Flowering in Arabidopsis
Graeff M, Straub D, Eguen T, Dolde U, Rodrigues V, et. al.
PLOS Genetics
2016 vol: 12 (3) pp: e1005959

Trichoplusia ni Kinesin-1 Associates with Autographa californica Multiple Nucleopolyhedrovirus Nucleocapsid Proteins and Is Required for Production of Budded Virus
Biswas S, Blissard G, Theilmann D
Journal of Virology
2016 vol: 90 (7) pp: 3480-3495

Screening for GPR101 defects in pediatric pituitary corticotropinomas
Trivellin, Giampaolo;  Correa, Ricardo R;  Batsis, Maria;  Faucz, Fabio R;  Chittiboina, Prashant et al. (2016)
Endocr. Relat. Cancer p. ERC-16-0091-

Pharmacological Modulation of Hemodynamics in Adult Zebrafish In Vivo
Brönnimann, Daniel;  Djukic, Tijana;  Triet, Ramona;  Dellenbach, Christian;  Saveljic, Igor et al. (2016)
PLOS ONE vol. 11 (3) p. e0150948

An Automated Microreactor for Semi-Continuous Biosensor Measurements
Buffi, Nina;  Beggah, Siham;  Truffer, Frederic;  Geiser, Martial;  Lintel, Harald van et al. (2016)
Lab Chip

Proteomic Analysis of the Mammalian Katanin Family of Microtubule-severing Enzymes Defines KATNBL1 as a Regulator of Mammalian Katanin Microtubule-severing
Cheung, Keith;  Senese, Silvia;  Kuang, Jiaen;  Bui, Ngoc;  Ongpipattanakul, Chayanid et al. (2016)
Mol. Cell. Proteomics p. M115.056465-

Coupling spatial segregation with synthetic circuits to control bacterial survival
Huang, Shuqiang;  Lee, Anna Jisu;  Tsoi, Ryan;  Wu, Feilun;  Zhang, Ying et al. (2016)
Molecular Systems Biology vol. 12 (2) p. 859

A novel method for high-throughput detection and quantification of neutrophil extracellular traps reveals ROS-independent NET release with immune complexes
Kraaij, Tineke;  Tengström, Fredrik C.;  Kamerling, Sylvia W.A.;  Pusey, Charles D.;  Scherer, H. Ulrich et al. (2016)
Autoimmunity Reviews

Proteomic Analysis of the Mammalian Katanin Family of Microtubule-severing Enzymes Defines KATNBL1 as a Regulator of Mammalian Katanin Microtubule-severing
Cheung, Keith;  Senese, Silvia;  Kuang, Jiaen;  Bui, Ngoc;  Ongpipattanakul, Chayanid et al. (2016)
Mol. Cell. Proteomics p. M115.056465-

Eliminating Legionella by inhibiting BCL-XL to induce macrophage apoptosis
Speir, Mary;  Lawlor, Kate E.;  Glaser, Stefan P.;  Abraham, Gilu;  Chow, Seong et al. (2016)
Nature Microbiology vol. 1 p. 15034

Docking-guided identification of protein hosts for GFP chromophore-like ligands
Povarova, Natalia V.;  Bozhanova, Nina G.;  Sarkisyan, Karen S.;  Gritcenko, Roman;  Baranov, Mikhail S. et al. (2016)
J. Mater. Chem. C

Lentiviral-Mediated Netrin-1 Overexpression Improves Motor and Sensory Functions in SCT Rats Associated with SYP and GAP-43 Expressions
Han, Xuefei;  Zhang, Yuan;  Xiong, Liulin;  Xu, Yang;  Zhang, Piao et al. (2016)
Molecular neurobiology

A Novel Brainstem Hemorrhage Model by Autologous Blood Infusion in Rat: White Matter Injury, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Neurobehavioral Features
Tao, Chuanyuan;  Zhang, Ruzhi;  Hu, Xin;  Song, Li;  Wang, Chunhua et al. (2016)
Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases

Haploinsufficiency of RCBTB1 is Associated with Coats Disease and Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy
Wu, Jeng-Hung;  Liu, Jorn-Hon;  Ko, Yu-Chieh;  Wang, Chi-Tang;  Chung, Yu-Chien et al. (2016)
Hum. Mol. Genet. p. ddw041-

Inhibition of P38 MAPK Downregulates the Expression of IL-1 β to Protect Lung from Acute Injury in Intestinal Ischemia Reperfusion Rats
Zheng D Zhou M Jin J He M Wang Y Du J Xiao X Li P Ye A Liu J Wang T (2016)
Mediators of Inflammation vol: 2016 pp: 1-8

The Tyrosine Kinase Pyk2 Contributes to Complement-Mediated Phagocytosis in Murine Macrophages
Paone, C.;  Rodrigues, N.;  Ittner, E.;  Santos, C.;  Buntru, A. et al. (2016)
Journal of Innate Immunity

On the development of extragonadal and gonadal human germ cells
Heeren, A Marijne;  He, Nannan;  de Souza, Aline F;  Goercharn-Ramlal, Angelique;  van Iperen, Liesbeth et al. (2016)
Biology open vol. 5 (2) p. 185-94

Vicenistatin induces early endosome-derived vacuole formation in mammalian cells
Nishiyama, Yuko;  Ohmichi, Tomohiro;  Kazami, Sayaka;  Iwasaki, Hiroki;  Mano, Kousuke et al. (2016)
Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry

Mitofusin 2 maintains haematopoietic stem cells with extensive lymphoid potential
Luchsinger, Larry L.;  de Almeida, Mariana Justino;  Corrigan, David J.;  Mumau, Melanie;  Snoeck, Hans-Willem (2016)
Nature vol. 529 (7587) p. 528-531

Inhibition of the histone demethylase Kdm5b promotes neurogenesis and derepresses Reln (reelin) in neural stem cells from the adult subventricular zone of mice
Zhou, Qiong;  Obana, Edwin A.;  Radomski, Kryslaine L.;  Sukumar, Gauthaman;  Wynder, Christopher et al. (2016)
Mol. Biol. Cell p. mbc.E15-07-0513-

Down-regulation of GRα expression and inhibition of its nuclear translocation by hypoxia
Zhang, Pei;  Fang, Lei;  Wu, HuiMei;  Ding, Peishan;  Shen, QiYing et al. (2016)
Life Sciences vol. 146 p. 92-99

miR-192 suppresses the tumorigenicity of prostate cancer cells by targeting and inhibiting nin one binding protein
Sun, Jiantao;  Fan, Zhiqiang;  Lu, Shuaiqi;  Yang, Jinhui;  Hao, Tongtong et al. (2016)
International Journal of Molecular Medicine vol. 37 (2) p. 485-492

The X-Linked-Intellectual-Disability-Associated Ubiquitin Ligase Mid2 Interacts with Astrin and Regulates Astrin Levels to Promote Cell Division
Gholkar, Ankur A.;  Senese, Silvia;  Lo, Yu-Chen;  Vides, Edmundo;  Contreras, Ely et al. (2016)
Cell Reports vol. 14 (2) p. 180-188

Application of a Scalable Plant Transient Gene Expression Platform for Malaria Vaccine Development
Spiegel, Holger;  Boes, Alexander;  Voepel, Nadja;  Beiss, Veronique;  Edgue, Gueven et al. (2015)
Frontiers in Plant Science vol. 6

Reduced expression of adherens and gap junction proteins can have a fundamental role in the development of heart failure following cardiac hypertrophy in rats
dos Santos, Daniele O.;  Blefari, Valdecir;  Prado, Fernanda P.;  Silva, Carlos A.;  Fazan, Rubens et al. (2016)
Experimental and Molecular Pathology vol. 100 (1) p. 167-176

The G protein estrogen receptor (GPER) is regulated by endothelin-1 mediated signaling in cancer cells
Bartella, Viviana;  De Francesco, Ernestina Marianna;  Perri, Maria Grazia;  Curcio, Rosita;  Dolce, Vincenza et al. (2016)
Cellular Signalling vol. 28 (2) p. 61-71

TRAM1 Promotes Microglia M1 Polarization
Wang, Hanxiang;  Liu, Chun;  Han, Ming;  Cheng, Chun;  Zhang, Dongmei (2016)
Journal of molecular neuroscience vol. 58 (2) p. 287-96

Phosphorylation of a Myosin Motor by TgCDPK3 Facilitates Rapid Initiation of Motility during Toxoplasma gondii egress
Gaji, Rajshekhar Y.;  Johnson, Derrick E.;  Treeck, Moritz;  Wang, Mu;  Hudmon, Andy et al. (2015)
PLOS Pathog vol. 11 (11) p. e1005268

Ephrin-Bs Drive Junctional Downregulation and Actin Stress Fiber Disassembly to Enable Wound Re-epithelialization
Nunan, Robert;  Campbell, Jessica;  Mori, Ryoichi;  Pitulescu, Mara E.;  Jiang, Wen G. et al. (2015)
Cell Reports vol. 13 (7) p. 1380-1395

Cloning-free CRISPR
Arbab, Mandana;  Srinivasan, Sharanya;  Hashimoto, Tatsunori;  Geijsen, Niels;  Sherwood, Richard I. (2015)
Stem Cell Reports vol. 5 (5) p. 908-917

LSD1/KDM1A promotes hematopoietic commitment of hemangioblasts through downregulation of Etv2
Takeuchi, Miki;  Fuse, Yuji;  Watanabe, Mana;  Andrea, Christina-Sylvia;  Takeuchi, Miho et al. (2015)
PNAS vol. 112 (45) p. 13922-13927

Automobile diesel exhaust particles induce lipid droplet formation in macrophages in vitro
Cao, Yi;  Jantzen, Kim;  Gouveia, Ana Cecilia Damiao;  Skovmand, Astrid;  Roursgaard, Martin et al. (2015)
Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology vol. 40 (1) p. 164-171

Zinc-imidazolate polymers (ZIPs) as a potential carrier to brain capillary endothelial cells
M. Chiacchia;  C. Cerutti;  R. Gromnicova;  K. Rietdorf;  A. Romero, I. et al. (2015)
Journal of Materials Chemistry B vol. 3 (46) p. 9053-9059

Diquafosol promotes corneal epithelial healing via intracellular calcium-mediated ERK activation
Byun, Yong-Soo;  Yoo, Young-Sik;  Kwon, Ji-Young;  Joo, Jong-Soo;  Lim, Sung-A et al. (2016)
Experimental Eye Research vol. 143 p. 89-97

Shadow Technique Algorithm (STA) Sheds a New Light on Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Microscopy
Spriet C (2015)
Journal of Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques vol: 6 (5)

Activation of Cardiac Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 4 Causes Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Grabner, Alexander;  Amaral, Ansel P.;  Schramm, Karla;  Singh, Saurav;  Sloan, Alexis et al. (2015)
Cell Metabolism vol. 22 (6) p. 1020-1032

Definitive Hematopoietic Multipotent Progenitor Cells Are Transiently Generated From Hemogenic Endothelial Cells in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Bai, Hao;  Liu, Yanfeng;  Xie, Yinliang;  Hoyle, Dixie L;  Brodsky, Robert A et al. (2016)
Journal of cellular physiology vol. 231 (5) p. 1065-76

Exploring the effect of specific packed cell volume upon bloodstain pattern analysis: blood drying and dry volume estimation
Larkin, Bethany A. J.;  Banks, Craig E. (2015)
Canadian Society of Forensic Science Journal

Development of double-generation gold nanoparticle chip-based dengue virus detection system combining fluorescence turn-on probes
Tung, Yen-Ting;  Chang, Cheng-Chung;  Lin, Yi-Ling;  Hsieh, Shie-Liang;  Wang, Gou-Jen (2016)
Biosensors and Bioelectronics vol. 77 p. 90-98

Reducing background noise in near-infrared medical imaging: Routes to activated fluorescing
Burdette, Mary K.;  Bandera, Yuriy P.;  Powell, Rhonda R.;  Bruce, Terri F.;  Foulger, Stephen H. (2016)
SPIE BiOS p. 96940P-96940P-10

Loss of the endothelial glycocalyx is associated with increased E-selectin mediated adhesion of lung tumour cells to the brain microvascular endothelium
Rai, Srijana;  Nejadhamzeeigilani, Zaynab;  Gutowski, Nicholas J.;  Whatmore, Jacqueline L. (2015)
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research vol. 34 (1) p. 1

Nuclear Export of Pre-Ribosomal Subunits Requires Dbp5, but Not as an RNA-Helicase as for mRNA Export
Neumann, Bettina;  Wu, Haijia;  Hackmann, Alexandra;  Krebber, Heike (2016)
PLOS ONE vol. 11 (2) p. e0149571

Knockdown of α-synuclein in cerebral cortex improves neural behavior associated with apoptotic inhibition and neurotrophin expression in spinal cord transected rats
Wang, You-Cui;  Feng, Guo-Ying;  Xia, Qing-Jie;  Hu, Yue;  Xu, Yang et al. (2016)
Apoptosis vol. 21 (4) p. 404-20

Intranasal delivery of obidoxime to the brain prevents mortality and CNS damage from organophosphate poisoning
Krishnan, Jishnu K.S.;  Arun, Peethambaran;  Appu, Abhilash P.;  Vijayakumar, Nivetha;  Figueiredo, Taíza H. et al. (2016)
NeuroToxicology vol. 53 p. 64-73

Zinc and copper uptake in Physcomitrella patens: Limitations and effects on growth and morphology
Sassmann, Stefan;  Weidinger, Marieluise;  Adlassnig, Wolfram;  Hofhansl, Florian;  Bock, Barbara et al. (2015)
Environmental and Experimental Botany vol. 118 p. 12-20

Glucose-deprivation increases thyroid cancer cell sensitivity to metformin
Bikas, Athanasios D;  Jensen, Kirk;  Patel, Aneeta;  Costello, John;  McDaniel, Dennis et al. (2015)
Endocr. Relat. Cancer p. ERC-15-0402-

New method to assess mitophagy flux by flow cytometry
Mauro-Lizcano, Marta;  Esteban-Martínez, Lorena;  Seco, Esther;  Serrano-Puebla, Ana;  Garcia-Ledo, Lucia et al. (2015)

Ex Vivo Expansion and Differentiation of Human and Mouse Fetal Pancreatic Progenitors Are Modulated by Epidermal Growth Factor
BonfantiPaola;  NobecourtEstelle;  OshimaMasaya;  Albagli-CurielOlivier;  LaurysensVeerle et al. (2015)
Stem Cells and Development

Cardiolipin remodeling by TAZ/tafazzin is selectively required for the initiation of mitophagy
Hsu, Paul;  Liu, Xiaolei;  Zhang, Jun;  Wang, Hong-Gang;  Ye, Ji-Ming et al. (2015)

Betulinic acid induces a novel cell death pathway that depends on cardiolipin modification
Potze, L;  Di Franco, S;  Grandela, C;  Pras-Raves, M L;  Picavet, D I et al. (2016)
Oncogene vol. 35 (4) p. 427-437

Abolishing Cell Wall GPI-anchored Proteins in Candida albicans Enhances Recognition by Host Dectin-1
Shen, Hui;  Chen, Si Min;  Liu, Wei;  Zhu, Fang;  He, Li Juan et al. (2015)
Infect. Immun. p. IAI.00097-15-

The brain in three crustaceans from cavernous darkness
Stegner, Martin EJ;  Stemme, Torben;  Iliffe, Thomas M;  Richter, Stefan;  Wirkner, Christian S (2015)
BMC Neuroscience vol. 16 (1) p. 1

Multiple sclerosis-associated CLEC16A controls HLA class II expression via late endosome biogenesis
van Luijn, Marvin M.;  Kreft, Karim L.;  Jongsma, Marlieke L.;  Mes, Steven W.;  Wierenga-Wolf, Annet F. et al. (2015)
Brain p. awv080-

Angiopoietin-like 4 Modifies the Interactions between Lipoprotein Lipase and Its Endothelial Cell Transporter GPIHBP1
Chi, Xun;  Shetty, Shwetha K.;  Shows, Hannah W.;  Hjelmaas, Alexander J.;  Malcolm, Emily K. et al. (2015)
J. Biol. Chem. p. M114.623769-

Fusion of hIgG1-Fc to 111In-anti-amyloid single domain antibody fragment VHH-pa2H prolongs blood residential time in APP/PS1 mice but does not increase brain uptake
Rotman, Maarten;  Welling, Mick M.;  van den Boogaard, Marlinde L.;  Moursel, Laure Grand;  van der Graaf, Linda M. et al. (2015)
Nuclear Medicine and Biology vol. 42 (8) p. 695-702

Coordinated regulation of melatonin synthesis and degradation genes in rice leaves in response to cadmium treatment
Byeon, Yeong;  Lee, Hyoung Yool;  Hwang, Ok Jin;  Lee, Hye-Jung;  Lee, Kyungjin et al. (2015)
Journal of pineal research vol. 58 (4) p. 470-8

Fluorescently Tagged Potato virus Y: A Versatile Tool for Functional Analysis of Plant-Virus Interactions
Rupar, Matevz;  Faurez, Florence;  Tribodet, Michel;  Gutiérrez-Aguirre, Ion;  Delaunay, Agnès et al. (2015)
Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

A lectin S-domain receptor kinase mediates lipopolysaccharide sensing in Arabidopsis thaliana
Ranf, Stefanie;  Gisch, Nicolas;  Schaffer, Milena;  Illig, Tina;  Westphal, Lore et al. (2015)
Nature vol. 16 (4) p. 426-433

The CD20-homologue MS4A4 directs trafficking of KIT toward clathrin-independent endocytosis pathways and thus regulates receptor signaling and recycling
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