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Leica DFC3000 G Fluorescence

CCD Microscope Camera Leica DFC3000 G

Canonical Wnt Signaling Drives Tumor-Like Lesions from Sox2-Positive Precursors of the Murine Olfactory Epithelium
Engel N, Neumann J, Ahlfeld J, Wefers A, Merk D, et. al.
2016 vol: 11 (11) pp: e0166690

Multi-Functional Nanogels for Tumor Targeting and Redox-Sensitive Drug and siRNA Delivery
Adamo G, Grimaldi N, Campora S, Bulone D, Bondì M, et. al.
2016 vol: 21 (11) pp: 1594

Drosophila Condensin II subunit Chromosome-associated protein D3 regulates cell fate determination through non-cell-autonomous signaling
Klebanow L, Peshel E, Schuster A, De K, Sarvepalli K, et. al.
Development (Cambridge, England)
2016 vol: 143 (15) pp: 2791-802

Diphenylalanine peptide nanotubes self-assembled on functionalized metal surfaces for potential application in drug-eluting stent
Zohrabi T, Habibi N, Zarrabi A, Fanaei M, Lee L, et. al.
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A
2016 vol: 104 (9) pp: 2280-2290

FOXO1 delays skeletal muscle regeneration and suppresses myoblast proliferation
Yamashita, Atsushi;  Hatazawa, Yukino;  Hirose, Yuma;  Ono, Yusuke;  Kamei, Yasutomi (2016)
Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry p. 1-5

In situ gelling systems based on Pluronic F127/Pluronic F68 formulations for ocular drug delivery
Al Khateb, Kosai;  Ozhmukhametova, Elvira K.;  Mussin, Marat N.;  Seilkhanov, Serzhan K.;  Rakhypbekov, Tolebai K. et al. (2016)
International Journal of Pharmaceutics

Two NYN domain containing putative nucleases are involved in transcript maturation in Arabidopsis mitochondria.
Stoll, Birgit;  Binder, Stefan (2016)
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology vol. 85 (2) p. 278-88

Induction of apoptosis by UV in the flat oyster, Ostrea edulis
Gervais, Ophélie;  Renault, Tristan;  Arzul, Isabelle (2015)
Fish & Shellfish Immunology vol. 46 (2) p. 232-242

BCL2 positive and BCL6 negative diffuse large B cell lymphoma patients benefit from R-CHOP therapy irrespective of germinal and non germinal center B cell like subtypes
Jovanovic, Maja Perunicic;  Mihaljevic, Biljana;  Jakovic, Ljubomir;  Martinovic, Vesna Cemerikic;  Fekete, Marija Dencic et al.
Journal of B.U.ON. vol. 20 (3) p. 820-8