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Leica IC A Industry

Ergonomic, affordable, high-performance analogue video camera for stereo microscopes Leica IC A

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica IC80 HD

The Leica IC A high-performance video camera opens new horizons for documenting industrial quality control, education, and medicine images.

The ability to see, inspect, and correct images directly on a monitor offers versatility and ergonomics.

The Leica IC A video camera fits directly onto a stereomicroscope.  The field coverage and image sharpness seen on the monitor is the same high quality as seen through the eyepieces.

The Leica IC A video camera provides image sharpness, brightness, and true color rendering for a variety of stereomicroscope applications.

New Model

Leica IC80 HD
Leica IC80 HD Integrated Standalone Digital Camera for Stereo Microscopes with Full HD Live Video Output