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10 Years of Leica Super-Resolution Microscopy

Super-resolution microscopy overcomes the diffraction limit and allows users to investigate subcellular architecture and dynamics at the nano-scale. With the introduction of the very first super-resolution microscope in 2004, Leica TCS 4Pi, Leica Microsystems revolutionized opportunities for life science research. True to the credo of Ernst Leitz ‘with the user, for the user’, Leica Microsystems pioneered super-resolution by collaborting closely with leading scientists and industry partners, and continuously improved the performance of these advanced imaging systems. With our extensive experience in the field, today we offer more than excellent products: Our commitment to high standards of service and support is also a key priority for Leica Microsystems.

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Super-Resolution Applications Beyond Limits

Comparison of a 3D reconstruction of GSD and wide-field images. Mitochondrial ATP-Synthase in MDCK cells stained with anti-ATP-2B/Alexa647. The color code indicates the total height of the image. Courtesy of R. Jacob, Marburg, Germany (sample preparation).

Comparison of Confocal (red) and 3D STED data sets (green). Alpha Tubulin visualized with Oregon Green 488. Marine Dinoflagelatte Amphidinium spec. Data were deconvolved and surface rendered with Huygens (SVI). Courtesy of Elisa Berdalet, CSIC Institute of Marine Sciences/Timo Zimmermann, Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain.

Leica SR GSD 3D - The Evolution of Resolution

The award winning Leica SR GSD 3D widefield super-resolution imaging system offers unparalleled abilities to study biological processes in multi dimensions beyond the diffraction barrier down to the molecular level.

  • Up to 10 times higher resolution in 3 dimensions
  • Simple multi-channel imaging capability
  • SuMo Stage delivers unprecedented stability
  • 160x objective optimized for use with high intensity lasers
  • Compatible with many standard fluorophores

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X - Your Next Dimension

The Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X opens the door to fast, direct, and purely optical super-resolution over the full spectrum of visible light, in all dimensions.

Super Resolution Latest News

Interview with Timo Zimmermann, CRG-Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain

Timo Zimmermann talks about his experiences with the Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X super-resolution system


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Leica Microsystems’ super-resolution system Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X is among the winners of the R&D 100 Award in 2014.

R&D 100 Award for Leica Microsystems’ STED Microscope

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X Among the 100 Most Innovative Technologies

Leica Microsystems Super-Resolution Products

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X Leica SR GSD 3D
Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X STED Super-Resolution. Your Next Dimension

STED (Stimulated Emission Depletion) microscopy provides fast, intuitive, and purely optical access to study subcellular architecture and dynamics at...

Leica SR GSD 3D Super-Resolution System for 3D Localization Microscopy

Widefield fluorescence microscope based on GSD (Ground State Depletion) or dSTORM (Direct STochastical Optical Reconstruction Microscopy) technology...