Inspiring Simple Inspection – Recognized for Innovative Design

Emspira 3 digital microscope

Perform comprehensive visual inspection with a single system, including comparison, measurement, and documentation sharing.

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Streamline your inspection process

Your integrated solution for comparison, measurement, and data sharing, allowing you to optimize inspection efficiency and ditch the PC.

Cover your inspection needs flexibly

Work the way you want. Adapt the solution to your requirements and the needs of individual users.

Work with confidence

Focus confidently and reliably on your inspection work both in production and laboratory environments thanks to the robust design of Emspira 3.

Inspect with a single system

  • Measure and annotate images directly during visual inspection without a PC
  • Directly compare to references with a single click
  • Automatically save images on your network
  • Share results via email with one click

Adaptable for your different tasks

  • Modular design and large variety of accessories
  • Use the illumination that works for the sample
  • Go smoothly from overview to details with 8:1 zoom range

Designed for robustness

  • IP 21 housing
  • AgTreat antimicrobial surface

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Just use it – designed for everyone

  • Intuitive operation of system with minimal training
  • Simplified use with an adaptable user interface

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