Cell DIVE Cell DIVE 멀티플렉스 이미징 솔루션

개방형 멀티플렉스로 조직 연구 혁신하기.

[Translate to korean:] Cell DIVE a multiplexed biomarker imaging end-to-end workflow solution

[Translate to korean:] Leverage the capabilities of Cell DIVE to clearly visualize, quantify, & analyze immune cell types in the tumor microenvironment. Detect 60+ biomarkers in their spatial context…

[Translate to korean:] Automated Multiplexed Staining an Imaging with Cell DIVE

[Translate to korean:] In this video we show how you can advance your research 24/7 with Cell DIVE, in combination with a BioAssemblyBot 200, a multitasking robot that leverages interchangeable tools…

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