Cell DIVE Cell DIVE 멀티플렉스 이미징 솔루션

개방형 멀티플렉스로 조직 연구 혁신하기.

Parameter Cell Dive multiplexed imaging solution
Height 66 cm 
Width 112.8 cm
Depth 63.5 cm 
Weight 105.7 kg
Illumination modalities Widefield fluorescence 
System enclosure Total system enclosure with laser interlock for safer operation 
Temperature fluctuation No more than ± 2°C over 4 h with an hourly variation of no more than 1°C 
Heat output 500 W 
Power consumption (max) 500 W 
Overvoltage category II 
Manufacturing site Cytiva, Issaquah, WA, USA 
Operating temperature Stable from 18°C – 24°C 
Relative humidity 10% to 80%, noncondensing 
Power requirements 100–127/200–240 VAC, 5A/2.5 A 50–60 Hz 
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