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Leica DM750 Education

For a Student Friendly Classroom Environment

Binocular, fluorescence-capable microscope for postdocs in the life sciences Leica DM750

The Leica DM750 is the ideal microscope for the versatile needs of advanced college and university life science courses and professional training in medical, veterinary and dental schools.

The student-friendly features such as the EZStore™, which provides easy carrying and easy lifting and EZGuide with rounded edges, which allows one-handed slide loading and reduces slide chipping provide a safer classroom environment.

The teacher-friendly features, such as the EZLite™, which provides over 20 years of LED illumination and automatic time delay shutoff, saves time and energy.

EZLite – provides over 20 years of bright, LED illumination.

Your Advantages

EZStore™ design Auto Off

EZStore™ design

EZStore™ design with Handle and Cord Wrap allows easy carrying, easy lifting and easy cord storage

Auto Off

Patented time delay shutoff saves energy

EZLite™ AgTreat™


EZLite™ – provides over 20 years of bright, LED illumination which saves time and the cost of replacement bulbs.


AgTreat™ – all touchpoints treated to prevent bacteria spreading from student to student.