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Materials Analysis Microscope Leica DM1750 M

With a focus on tasks in the material lab or research

The new Leica DM1750 M is a material microscope designed for rapid, accurate analysis results even for a use in rough ambient conditions.

Working with the Leica DM1750 M you will see, how simple and reliable microscopy can be. Its robust design contains an excellent optical system and allows the inspection even of larger samples, in brightfield, oblique- or with polarized light. The entire reflected light illumination is carried out with Power-LEDs which allow an inspection with different illumination angles, especially suitable for the detection of micro scratches or for gaining height information.

Your Advantages

Perfect light Precision magnification change

Perfect light

LED illumination together with the built-in adjustable aperture diaphragm for reflected light provides cool, white light with an average lifetime of over 20 years saving cost in replacement lamps.

Precision magnification change

6- or 7-position nosepiece for fast and easy change of objective magnification allow the inspection of samples with up to 80mm in height. The highly accurate machining of the nosepieces ensures parcentration of all objectives in use.

See more with oblique light Ultra hard ceramic surfaces

See more with oblique light

For an oblique illumination of your samples the ergonomically positioned membrane-keyboard allows easy, intuitive operation of all 4 LED segments of the beam path.

Ultra hard ceramic surfaces

The surface of our industrial stages incorporates a new ceramic material with a hardness that has never been attained before. It was specially developed for the demands of heavy-duty industrial use over many years, saving you time and money.

Images Leica DM1750 M

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