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Leica DCM8 Industrial & Materials

3D Optical Surface Metrology System Leica DCM8

Characterizing the Evolution of Plant-Eating (Herbivorous) Mammals Using Dental Tribology

The ecology of plant-eating (herbivorous) mammals is explored through dietary behavior. The Dental Microwear Texture Analysis (DMTA) is a method used to produce a set of dental data to reconstruct dietary habits. Scientists who study the fossil remains of animals (paleontologists) often try to identify the underlying mechanisms driving evolution. Frequently ecological and environmental models are reconstructed with this fossil data.

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Nanoscale or Microscale Structures Formed in Polymers Containing Nanotubes Greatly Enhance the Electrical Conductivity: Potential Applications for Photovoltaic Devices

The excellent mechanical and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes have led to them being exploited for the creation of a new class of high performance polymer composites. Due to important advances in the last few years, nanotube containing polymers have been developed for optoelectronic applications.

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Automotive & Transportation Microscopes

Automotive and Transportation microscopes from Leica Microsystems improve the reliability and accuracy of your work while assuring the high quality of your end product.

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