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Microscope Cameras for Fluorescence

Cameras for Fluorescence Microscopy

Excellent fluorescence images need a crisp fluorescence signal, a dark background and as little noise as possible. This is why we base our fluorescence cameras on high-sensitivity CCD sensors that are ideally suited to low light applications and will capture even a minimum of light. Additionally, our cameras sport a cooling system that will reduce background noise.

Fast acquisition is also crucial – with our cameras, the exposure times can be reduced to protect the cells and tissues from photo-damage.

We provide imaging systems ranging from routine fluorescence applications to challenging multidimensional acquisition scenarios. Our software Leica Application Suite (LAS) and its special counterpart for fluorescence application LAS Advanced Fluorescence is up to any task: The LAS AF is even capable of external triggering and will allow multidimensional documentation precisely as you need it.

Leica DFC3000 G Leica DFC365 FX Leica DFC310 FX Leica DFC345 FX
Leica DFC3000 G Crisp fluorescence documentation for routine experiments

The Leica DFC3000 G is a grayscale USB 3.0 microscope camera for routine fluorescence applications. You will receive crisp images due to its unique...

Leica DFC365 FX Monochrome Digital Camera for Ultra-fast Live Cell Imaging and Superb Fluorescence Documentation

Speed and image quality are the key factors for successful documentation of live cells and rapidly fading fluorescence specimens. The...

Leica DFC310 FX Digital Color Camera for fast Acquisition of high-Quality Transmitted light and Fluorescence Images

The Leica DFC310 FX 1.4-megapixel digital color camera is designed...

Leica DFC345 FX High Resolution Digital Monochrome Camera for Fluorescence Applications

2 Mpixel monochrome digital camera for detailed documentation of fluorescence specimen. Perfectly designed for...

Leica DFC550
Leica DFC550 Digital Color Camera for Highest-Resolution Photomicrography

The Leica DFC550 digital camera with up to 12.5 Megapixel resolution quickly captures high-speed, highest-quality real-time...