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Leica Steel Expert 2.0

Software for modern non-metallic inclusion rating Leica Steel Expert 2.0

Quality is essential. The quality of steel is heavily dependent on purity - which is defined by several factors, such as the amount of non-metallic inclusions. Inclusions can develop when alloying and manufacturing the steel and will affect forming, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance.

Whether for quality control, incoming goods inspection or rating of liability cases, if you have to assess the purity of steel, Leica Steel Expert 2.0 is the software of choice. With only a minimum amount of training you will be able to simply and reliably classify non-metallic inclusions such as sulphides, oxides or even carbonitrides.

In addition to routine non-metallic inclusion rating according to standards like ASTM E45, DIN 50602, EN 10247 and ISO 4967 and the standards based on it, Leica Steel Expert 2.0 can be used in R&D to facilitate the determination and analysis of small inclusions down to the limits of optical resolution.

Non-metallic Inclusion Rating Leica Steel Expert 2.0

Your Advantages

Simply faster Modular

Simply faster

Optimized for ease of use, the intuitive user interface simply and safely guides you to results – not only on fully automated microscopes such as the Leica DM6000 M or the Leica DMI5000 M, but also on manual or cided microscopes such as the Leica DM2700 M, Leica DM4000 M LED or the Leica DMI3000 M. You will experience an unique advantage in processing speed due to the image batch processing capabilities of the Leica Steel Expert 2.0.


You don’t need analyses for all international standards? Leica Steel Expert 2.0 can be adapted to your needs using regional standard packages. Whether you prefer upright or inverted microscopes and regardless of its degree of automation, Leica Steel Expert 2.0 has the software module suitable for your requirements.

State of the art Easy comparison

State of the art

Leica Steel Expert 2.0 is fully compliant with  most established standards in their latest versions. In addition to the classic DIN 50602 it also supports ASTM E45(2011), ISO4967(2013) and EN 10247 including the rules of the 2013 draft revision.

Easy comparison

Analysis results are shown independent of magnification factors. The graphic display is optimized for quick comprehension and comparability between individual standards. Results are generated for all included standards in parallel and can be easily compared against each other.