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Steel Analysis Software LAS X Steel Expert: Smart, intuitive UI

Optimize your workflow

Achieve a rapid workflow for inclusion analysis. The LAS X Steel Expert software provides a smart, intuitive user interface guiding any operator easily through data acquisition and analysis. You can select the workflow that best fits your needs for multiple sample analysis, manual screening, and accreditation.

  • Quickly define multiple areas on one or more samples to be scanned with a few clicks
  • Save time and avoid cluttering up your laboratory or site with many analyzed samples: No need to keep and store them once complete sample data maps are acquired
  • Easily apply relevant international, regional and organizational steel standards during analysis

Go quickly from overview to detailed view

Perform detailed examination of multiple non-metallic inclusions in less time with the Dual Viewer in the LAS X Steel Expert software. The Dual Viewer provides an overview of a larger sample area plus a detailed view of individual inclusions simultaneously.

Supports in difficult cases

  • Even difficult analyses, such as grouped inclusions with only slight color differences, can be performed quickly as the software automatically outlines and marks specific inclusion types.
  • Easily find the rating of each inclusion area and geometric parameters in the chart field of the Dual Viewer
  • Perform manual measurements, which can be required sometimes, in a more straightforward way with the software tool
Left: Overview of sample area of inclusions | Right: Detailed view of a smaller specific region of interest
Analyse with steel standards whether international, regional, or organizational

Stay flexible and up-to-date

The LAS X Steel Expert software offers flexibility for steel inclusion rating and analysis with the latest, updated steel standards whether international, regional, or organizational.

  • Specific steel standards can be licensed, such as:
    • International ISO 4967, EN 10247, and ASTM E45
    • Regional DIN 50602, GB/T 10561, IS 4163, JIS G0555, KSD 0204, and SEP 1571
  • Create custom-defined standards to perform analyses in accordance with organizational norms and processes
  • Flexible exporting of data, such as inclusion images and thumbnails, into reports which are in excel, csv, and pdf format