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For industry and life science

Microscope software platform Leica Application Suite

The Leica Application Suite (LAS) integrates Leica automated microscopes and digital cameras and provides one common, easy-to-use, consistent user interface. 

LAS automation provides faster routine and research analysis while allowing manual operation.

Real-time, high-resolution imaging is performed for life science and industrial applications such as entomology and quality control.

Integrated imaging system accurately stores high-resolution images fast.

Your Advantages

Integration of Leica cameras High-resolution imaging

Integration of Leica cameras

Integration of Leica automated microscope and digital, firewire cameras – provides common environment and user-friendly, consistent platform to store images quickly and accurately.

High-resolution imaging

High-resolution imaging  - for a variety of imaging needs such as visualization, enhancement, measurements, and documentation.

Workflow technology

LAS user interface workflow technology - automates routine tasks to reduce time of repetitive functions for convenience and efficiency.

Meet future needs

Optional modules (see technical specs) such as interactive measurements, image analysis, extended focus allow LAS to be expanded to meet future needs.