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Leica Application Suite

Archived Product
This item has been phased out and is no longer available. Please contact us using the button below to enquire about recent alternative products that may suit your needs.

LAS Live and Capture Image Resolution

This video explains how to set up the different resolutions to live images and captured images. This allows high frame rates in the live image and increased high resolution quality in the captured…

Browsing and Viewing Images

This video demonstrates how to browse images stored with the LAS software and introduces you to the different image viewing possibilities.

Dual Image Viewer

Conveniently divides the screen to either display and compare two stored images or to show a live image and a previously acquired image at the same time.

Confirming Image Calibration

This video shows how to verify the calibration by checking the displayed scale bar with a stage micrometer.

Automating the calibration process

This video shows how LAS rapidly calibrates all the zoom click stops with assisted automation.

Annotating the Image

Add further information to a captured image in LAS. Show a scale bar, add a name or a short description of the sample, date and time and any other relevant information as an overlay on the image or…

Stitching Images in LAS

Benefit from the stitching function of LAS to create large images. Select a series of overlapping images and simply click on the stitching button to automatically combine them. The final extended…

Acquiring High Dynamic Range Images

This video shows how to capture excellent pictures with samples show under or over exposure. Select the HDR mode to get these demanding samples to reveal more details in a single image.

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