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The Portable Digital Microscope Leica DVM5000

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DVM5000 HD

Leica VZ700 C - One Lens for macro to micro

19 January 2011

The new Leica VZ700 C zoom lens has a 7:1 zoom in combination with three fixed mount objectives on a turret to provide an effective zoom range of 70:1.

The lens is compatible with the Leica DVM3000 and Leica DVM5000.

The parfocal objective lenses provide a constant and ergonomic working distance (10 mm) across the entire magnification range from 35x up to 2500x, with a field of view ranging from 8 mm down to 0.12 mm (horizontal).

The magnification is automatically registered by ACS encoding technology for the zoom level and selected objective lens, thus having the correct calibration information with every image acquired.

  • Connects to Leica DVM3000 and Leica DVM5000
  • Magnification range from 35x to 2500x
  • Zoom lens with 3 Objectives
  • Dual illumination mode – bright field, dark field, and any mix of the two
  • Various illumination adapters for contrasting
  • Encoded zoom for automatic readout of magnification
  • Parfocal objectives – no need to adjust focus when changing magnification
  • Parcentric objectives – no shift in image position when changing objective magnification

Illumination selector

Another unique feature of the Leica VZ700 C is the dual illumination capability to provide both co-axial (bright field) and ring lighting (dark field) illumination. The user can choose either illumination mode by simply turning a dial, without the need for changeover or other accessories. The change between co-axial and ring light is continuous, so any setting in between can be chosen for a mixed light situation.

CONTROL 2010: Leica Microsystems presents innovative technologies for 3D surface analysis and particle measurement

26 April 2010

Innovative Technologies for 3D Surface Analysis and Particle Measurement.

Wetzlar, Germany. At CONTROL 2010, Leica Microsystems is presenting its new series of digital microscopes Leica DVM2000-5000, the Dual-Core 3D Measuring Microscope Leica DCM 3D with combined confocal and interferometry technology, the Leica Cleanliness Expert for particle analysis and the Leica Ergoscope for an easy start to the world of high-definition microscopy.

Digital Microscopy – The New Reference for Speed and Mobility

The digital microscopes Leica DVM2000-5000 open up new horizons of speed and mobility, meeting the highest specifications for macro- and microscopic imaging and image processing – whether for 2D or demanding 3D surface analysis. The streamlined zoom optics even reach extremely difficult-to-access surfaces for non-destructive inspection of stationary parts. The Leica DVM5000, including the optics, monitor, and computer, can convert into a compact, portable system with just a few adjustments.

Combined Precision – Nanometer Accuracy Within Seconds

The Dual-Core 3D Measuring Microscope Leica DCM 3D for contact-free 3D surface measurement combines confocal microscopy, interferometry and color imaging in one sensor head, offering ultrafast and contact-free analysis of the micro- and nanogeometry of material surfaces to an accuracy of 0.1 nanometer. A confocal microdisplay positioned in the field diaphragm, two light sources and two high-resolution CCD cameras produce unlimited field depth and highly precise 3D results. The system requires no mechanically moving parts and is therefore practically maintenance-free.

Particle and Fiber Measurement to the Latest Standards

Leica Cleanliness Expert is the ideal solution for quantitative cleanliness analysis in the automobile industry and many others. Impurities on micromechanic components are measured to the latest quality standards. The totally redesigned all-in-one system consists of an automated incident light microscope, a digital camera and image analysis software. Fibers and particles are detected in the live image and reflecting particles can be differentiated from non-reflecting ones. It is also possible to measure the height for selected particles. Also, a new scanning algorithm allows the user to detect any size of fibers and particles and reclassify them in the list of results.

Direct On-screen Assessment of Live HD Images

Consisting of the Leica IC80 HD high-definition camera and the Leica M50 or M80 Stereomicroscope, the Leica Ergoscope provides the easiest imaginable start to high-definition microscopy. Components are assessed live on the high-resolution monitor. The full HD image provides all the necessary information for fast and accurate assessment – while the user is able to sit in a relaxed, ergonomical position. The Leica IC80 HD can work as a stand-alone solution or in connection with a computer. If a stereoscopic view of the sample is required, ergonomic viewing tubes can be used to adapt the viewing height to the individual user.

Leica Microsystems at CONTROL 2010: Hall 1, Booth 1115