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Leica DVM5000 HD All-In-One Digital Microscope with High Degree of Magnification

Archived Product
This item has been phased out and is no longer available. Please contact us using the button below to enquire about recent alternative products that may suit your needs.

The Leica DVM5000 HD is the digital microscope for fast acquisition of 2D and 3D images. The complete range of easy to use software tools makes it very simple to image, analyze and document your samples in 2D and 3D.

The compact and portable main unit features a large 21.5” full HD screen to display high-contrast camera images. The complete hardware to control the DVM5000 HD digital microscope is integrated into the main unit, including motor focus drive and a powerful LED light source.

The DVM5000 HD can be combined with the complete range of Leica VZ zoom lenses for digital microscopes, including the VZ700 C with an extra wide magnification range from 35x to 2500x.

Leica DVM5000 HD Digital Microscope
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