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Leica DVM5000 The Portable Digital Microscope

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DVM5000 HD

Leica DVM5000 - The portable all in one system featuring a tiliting stand. 

BGA lens

The one-of-a-kind BGA lens enables non-destructive visual observation of BGA chips

Close look into the secrets of watches

Close look into the secrets of luxury watches - documentation of high quality finishing

Quality check

Quality check -3D observation and documentation of a defect on a printed circuit board

3D view of a resistor

3D view of a resistor - unique documentation possiblities

Visualization of pins

Visualization of pins on a PCB from different angles to retrieve maximum information

Samples of corrosion

Various samples of corrosion – previously unseen 3D details of corroded areas documented with the unique rotary head

360° observation of a dent on sheet metal

360° observation of a dent on sheet metal -  receive more information without moving the sample

Panoramic View with Digital Microscopes

Leica Microsystems Digital Microscopes

The 360° rotating head offers an all-around view that provides entirely new ways of looking at samples. As an added benefit, rotating the view creates a 3D…

The xy stage allows convenient positioning of the sample

Compact, highly integrated and exceptionally mobile - Take the microscope to the sample

Forensic application - 3D model of a firing pin impression generated with a Leica DVM5000

Quality assurance of micro drill holes. Visualization and quantifaction (profile measurement) with 3D model generated with a Leica DVM5000.

Safety feature of the tilting stand - Protects the sample and the user

Viewed from every side

When it comes to examining the tiniest structures on inclined or vertical sample surfaces, conventional microscopes reach their limits. For Leica Digital Microscopes however, viewing even previously…

Leica VZ100 C with a 10:1 zoom optics attached to a motorized focus drive

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