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Leica DVM5000

The Portable Digital Microscope Leica DVM5000

Archived Product
Replaced by Leica DVM5000 HD

The Leica DVM5000 is a highly integrated digital microscope system that features outstanding performance capacity and speed. Within a very short time, the Leica DVM5000 provides the desired results – even complex 3D models are available in mere seconds.

For quality control, usually a sample is brought to the microscope for inspection and analysis. However, some products can­not be transported and do not allow a sample to be taken for microscopic analysis; only nondestructive inspection is possible. The Leica DVM5000 is specifically designed for such situations. Here, you can bring the microscope to the sample.

Leica DVM5000

New Model

Leica DVM5000 HD
Leica DVM5000 HD All-In-One Digital Microscope with High Degree of Magnification